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2021: I Will Be Keeping That Same Energy

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Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

2020 was complete trash outwardly and throughout the world. It was a real deal, dumpster fire with financial, medical, and racial crises. At the end of 2019, I had great hopes for change but not the collapse and unraveling of the world as we know it. Although the world is still truly on fire, guess what? I’m thriving.

Last year my goals were:
🔸 More travel, business, and pleasure
🔸 Development of more friendships
🔸 Focusing a lot more on my personal life
🔸 Dedication to becoming more physically active
🔸 Enjoying more things from my bucket list
🔸 Adding more things to my bucket list
🔸 Pampering myself more
🔸 Spending more quality time with friends
🔸 Stepping out of my comfort zone more
🔸 Living way more life

Guess what? I accomplished ALL of these goals and then some. I actually didn’t realize that I had until I just took a look at last year’s list.

More Travel
I had plans to go to more places, see more things. I did travel more with work before Covid. I booked two trips that were supposed to be for pleasure. Sadly I had to cancel one and reschedule the other. However, since I paid for one, I was able to push the date to 2021.

Development of New Friends
I am naturally an introvert, but I do have a group of close friends. This year I allowed myself to develop deeper friendships with those friends. Additionally, I pulled some acquaintances in, which evolved into deeper bonds. Finally, I met some new friends outside of my old circles.

Focusing on My Personal Life
Up until last year, a lot of my focus was on caring for the family. Sadly, my closest family members have passed, and my son is older. So it was time to focus on myself and my personal life. I’ve been doing a lot of that this year and I’ve met some really amazing folks.

Becoming More Active
Since I work on a computer all day, activity in the form of exercise was minimal. I started walking in early spring before that hellish heat hit. When I say heat, I mean if it’s hotter than 70 degrees, it’s too hot. That’s because of how these hot flashes kick in. The heat of the summer gave me an excuse to lapse back into inactivity. That is until I started to think about how I really needed to MOVE. So, I started a cardio toning routine in November. This body gon’ be ready for that torso tat by summer.

Enjoying More Things From My Bucket List
2019 drove home how important it was to do all of the things you want to do before you die. I will never forget my father telling me he felt like he ran out of time while on his death bed. I never want to feel like that. So this year, I started planning to tackle lots of those bucket list items. It will take a lot of strategic planning to pull off, some of the larger goals, but it is in the works.

Pampering Myself
In 2019 I didn’t even know what self-care was. Now I’m all about that life. Previously my life was wrapped up so much into doing for others that I rarely even considered doing things for myself. That is a thing of the past. I plan to keep that same energy for the rest of my life.

Spending More Quality Time With Friends
I had plans to be out and about with friends. Since most of my friends empty-nesters or close to it, I figured there would be lots of events, day trips, and traveling. Then The Rona’ hit. I didn’t let that stop me, though. Although I couldn’t physically be with my friends, I line up more virtual coffee hours than I ever have in life. I plan to keep doing that as well. Texting and phone calls are fine. However, for some friends, I really need to see their faces.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
My entire life is now outside of my comfort zone, and it feels good. I realized upon stepping out that I was only existing and not really living. So, I created a podcast, made a Youtube channel, joined groups, and stepped out into things that I wouldn’t have, ordinarily. It was good for me because it pushed me to move beyond just existing to truly living.

Living Way More Life
Engaging in all of the things above made me feel way more alive than I had in a long time, or maybe ever. I realized the importance of embracing life and not just existing through it as it passes you by year after year.

In addition to accomplishing all of the goals I set last year, I tapped into things that helped me feel more rooted, fulfilled, and at peace with myself. I took on projects that I’d always wanted to tackle. Some of the things I’ve done:

🔸 I got back out in the dating world. It’s virtual, but that won’t be forever.
🔸 I started an outside garden in the spring and an inside garden in the fall.
🔸 I started eating mostly organic foods and gave up sugary cereal.
🔸 I started an LLC in an area that I wanted to get into for ten years.
🔸 I focused more on spirituality, balancing chakras, crystals, essential oils, and overall wellness.
🔸 I started making my own body washes, lotions, and body butters.

All of these things collectively have really been instrumental in helping me live a peaceful 2020. I am literally at the best place I’ve ever been, economically, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I look forward to keeping this same energy for the entire last half of my life.

I would love to know how you plan to make 2021 better than 2020. Check me out on FBIGYouTube and Twitter and let me know.

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