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6 Months of Grief, 6 Weeks of Therapy and it Happened

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Photo by Charles Jackson on Reshot

Photo by Charles Jackson on Reshot

Yesterday I woke up feeling as if a change was close, that I was making some real progress. After six months, the fog has starting to lift. After six weeks and my six therapy sessions, I am making some real progress.

Yesterday, I had one of the most emotionally tough therapy sessions ever. Although it was tough, it allowed me to move to a place of clarity, and I was mentally more clear than I’ve been since my dad passed.

Within the six weeks, I realized the following:

🔸My childhood impacted so much of my path to adulthood.
🔸My childhood male influences I was exposed to impacted my adulthood.
🔸The narcissistic sibling impacted my childhood which also, impacted my adulthood.
🔸The impact of a mother that opted out of parenting impacted my adulthood.
🔸My adult attitude about “The Patriarchy” was a direct impact of male influences in my childhood.
🔸My STRENGTH allowed me to have no issues with my self worth due to my childhood.
🔸I have spent a huge part of my life caring for others.
🔸My life has been spent doing so much for others that I have lost who I am, to a certain degree.
🔸Grief has a way of forcing other issues to the surface that is connected to the deceased person.
🔸People should get therapy before having children.
🔸Broken parents break children.
🔸Healing is healthy.

Acknowledging these things have been an altering experience. I am not going to go as far as saying they were life-altering, but recognizing these things was impactful.

As a result of acknowledging the above things, I will take the following paths:

🔸Focus on ME.
🔸Get in touch with things I enjoy.
🔸Start living life on my own terms.
🔸Live my dreams, not the dreams of others.
🔸Start tackling things on my bucket list.
🔸Continue to challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone.
🔸Continue to distance myself from harmful, toxic, narcissistic people
🔸Use my current station in life to make some life-altering moves.
🔸Live more life, love more people, and embrace new things.
🔸Continue on the path of healing and share my journey with others.

As of now, I think going to therapy will go down as one of the best moves I’ve ever made. It will be listed as important as attending college, buying real estate, and having a child.

I would love to know your therapy story. Follow me on Facebook, IG, and Twitter and tell me how therapy has impacted your life. Until then, Happy Healing.

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