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All Adults Regardless Of Age Are Winging It Through Life

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Photo by Ruth Oliver on Reshot

Photo by Ruth Oliver on Reshot

I am connected socially to lots of Millenials and even some Gen Z’s. I have opportunities to see them sharing their thoughts, concerns, and troubles. There are many concerns that I feel I didn’t necessarily have at their age. They are unfortunately dealing with things that my generation didn’t have to deal with, in my opinion.

As a Gen Xer, I feel we had things to deal with, but it was a different era.
These young people have gig economy jobs that don’t pay a living wage, super-expensive housing options, and climate change to make matters worse. They seem to have so many challenges that continuously plague them. There are so many things that it would take multiple blog posts to cover all the hurdles they seem to deal with versus what I had to deal with as a Gen Xer.

One of the things I noticed is how, based on some of the above-noted things, they feel as if they are not doing life right. They are struggling, and I think this is because they believe older folks have it all figured out. They NEED to know that NO ONE has it figured out. NONE OF US.

We are all still figuring it out, regardless of how old we are. NONE of us received a handbook that guides us through life. We are figuring it out as we go along and move through life.

So my advice to young people:

🔸You are doing fine!
🔸None of us have it all figured out.
🔸We are ALL winging it through life, no matter how successful we appear.

You have obstacles as a millennial or younger, which Gen X and older folks didn’t have. So when you start to think, you don’t know if you’re doing life right, rest assured NONE OF US have it all figured out. Just keep on pushing, YOU GOT THIS!

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