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August 25, 2019: Birthday Letter to Dad

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2019 Dad's Birthday Letter

2019 Dad's Birthday Letter

Dear Dad,

August 25, 2019, marks the first birthday without you. Instead of feeling overwhelmingly sad at all the years that I thought you would be with me, we are going to start new traditions that involve your day of birth and so many other things since you are no longer here with me.

The family estrangement after the death of grandma allowed us to grow even closer. We became a family unit of three, and I will be forever grateful for the past years that we lived and learned together. There were so many good times. We spent time laughing, talking, and, strategizing about money and real estate. I will cherish the times we had doing that, and I will miss, no longer having those moments.

Your death has taught me so many things, some of which are the following:

  • Life is short; you should embrace it.
  • Enjoy the moments as if they were your last.
  • Love the people who love you.
  • Never indulge fools.
  • Stay true to who you are, even if it’s not popular.
  • People align with those that benefit them.
  • Don’t bow down to nonsense.
  • Don’t run out of time.
  • Make money but enjoy life, too.
  • Real Estate is a great way to secure the bags.

You have missed so many things, some of which are the following:

  • Xae and I miss you more than can ever be expressed.
  • Your funeral was beautiful, and you would have loved it.
  • Xae and I skipped your funeral but celebrated your life in Virginia Beach.
  • Everything you predicted about the family was realized.
  • Real Estate is a great way to secure the bags.

What I will do this year:

  • Make you proud that you left your life’s work to me.
  • Enjoy more life than I’ve ever enjoyed.
  • Use the money earned to do more than pay bills.
  • Work on my personal life as much as my professional life.
  • Live more.
  • Love more.
  • Travel more.
  • Embrace more.
  • Experience more.
  • Secure MORE bags

What I won’t do this year:

  • Indulge nonsense.
  • Indulge narcissists.
  • Indulge fools.
  • Indulge family chaos.
  • Indulge disloyalty.
  • Be untrue to me.
  • Squander time.
  • Squander experiences.
  • Squander life.
  • Squander money.

You taught me so much, and I will continue to live my life based on those life lessons. Some of those lessons were to stand in my truth even if it’s unpopular, always lead and don’t follow fools. I will be embracing those lessons for the next fifty years.

You will always be my superhero.

Love forever,
The one who always has, and always will love you.

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