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August 25, 2020: Birthday Letter To Dad

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Dear Dad,

You would have been 79 years old. That sounds really old, but I never visualized you as old. I also never thought you would not be here with me. I know that’s not logical, but it is how I will always feel.

I’ve had an entire year to get used to you not being here. I am still not used to it, even though I know I’ll never see you again. I can now look at pictures of you without feeling like my soul is being crushed. That’s progress.

So much has changed in the world since you left your physical body. A lot has also evolved in my life. I am in a very peaceful place, and I am happier than I’ve ever been in life. A lot of that was due to coming to peace with my past, so I could let it go, and move forward on a different path. My new path is filled with forgiveness, peace, love, serenity, and balanced chakras. You would think chakras was witchcraft. HA!

The year since your death has changed me so much, some of which are the following:

🔸Life is short; I’ve REALLY learned to embrace it.
🔸I have learned to enjoy moments as if they were my last.
🔸I’ve learned to love the people who love me.
🔸I’ve turned the page on most of the people from the past.
🔸I am getting in touch with who I am and embracing that person.
🔸I am making money and enjoying life. I plan to do more of both.
🔸I am driving the diversity & inclusion initiatives at work.
🔸I’m teaching more at work as well.
🔸I am rescheduling the vacations that I had to cancel.
🔸Residential Real Estate is great, but it was your dream, not mine.
🔸Your dream will allow me to realize mine. You would love what I’m about to do.

You have missed so many things, some of which are the following:

🔸X is doing well, you would be proud of him.
🔸I put a lot of things that impacted me behind me.
🔸I’m happier than I’ve ever been in life.
🔸I am involved with a lot more social interaction.
🔸X seems to be extremely happy as well.
🔸X has an amazing significant other. She’s beautiful and she seems to really care for him.
🔸The family issues that impacted me was a generational curse.
🔸I’ve broken the generational curse, and it stops with X.

What I will do today:
🔸Light a white candle in your memory.
🔸Bake a cake because you always talked about doing that, but you never did.
🔸Bake a bbq turkey bacon pizza.
🔸Pull the trigger on a business plan.
🔸Take X van shopping
🔸Take X to Home Depot, he equates that to you.
🔸Play Serpentine Fire , by Earth Wind & Fire on vinyl.

What I will do this year:
🔸Enjoy more life than I’ve ever enjoyed.
🔸Live more.
🔸Love more.
🔸Travel more.
🔸Embrace more.
🔸Experience more.
🔸Secure MORE bags

You would be happy that you left your life’s work to me because I am going to use it to realize my dreams.

You taught me so much, and I will continue to live my life based on some of those life lessons. The lessons I will continue to focus on are to stand in my truth even if it’s unpopular, always lead, and don’t follow fools. I will be embracing those lessons for the next fifty years. You were not perfect, but will always be my superhero.

Love forever,
The one who always has, and always will love you.

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