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Photo by Asheesh on Reshot

Photo by Asheesh on Reshot

At one time a long time ago and in a faraway place, I believed that blood was thicker than water drivel. However, time showed me that sometimes it’s not about a blood bond but about who loves you, or a heart bond. Although you can have a blood and or relationship bond with people you are genetically linked to, that doesn’t mean that the relationships are healthy or good for you. On the other hand, you can sometimes have a stronger healthier bond with people that don’t share genetics with you.

Time has displayed that you must be willing to open your heart to people that you’ve developed a heart bond with and close your heart to those that are toxic with a blood bond.

The phrase “blood is thicker than water” only means something if the blood is not toxic. Building meaningful connections create heart bonds, which are more important than toxic blood bonds.

When I say heart bonds, I mean people that you love and that love you. As we get older, it is more important to be connected to as many people that love us as possible. Also, if you have toxic people that are taking up space that limits the amount of space you have to be filled by loving people. That means, you must rid your life of the toxic people to make room for more loving people. That’s very logical to me.

2019 has shown me how fleeting and fragile life can be, and I vowed not to waste any time on toxic people or those that align with toxic people. I included those that align with toxic people because only those that are toxic or have co-signed on those toxic behaviors could align with those types of people.

So moving forward, I will continue to be about building stronger relationships with people that I love and that love me. I will additionally look forward to filling my life with new people in which to live, love, and enjoy life with for the next fifty years or so. Toxicity and those that align with it, will never again have a place in my life.

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