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Breaking Generational Curses

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Photo by Reza Jalali on Reshot

Photo by Reza Jalali on Reshot

Bad behaviors passed down from generation to generation are often considered generational curses. They are more prevalent in some communities than others. Generational curses serve no purpose other than to hinder the next generation with [antiquated] methods of doing things.

Generational curses were passed down from baby boomer and older generations. Younger generations are making an effort to break these cycles, which have been impacting people for generations.

When I had my son, I decided that I would break every generational curse in my family. When I discovered I was going to have a son, I knew I needed to give him a great life. This life would not include generational curses that had been passed down for decades.

During pregnancy, I did a lot of soul-searching. I recognized and acknowledged things about myself that I needed to work on to resolve. Understanding flaws is the first step toward breaking patterns of behaviors that are a part of generational curses. Some flaws were a part of generational curses, and some were a part of just growing up and becoming an adult. Either way, I made a conscious choice NOT to pass on these flaws to my son, starting with the generational curses.

Unfortunately, those that are of a certain age that had baby boomer or older parents were probably more likely to have had generational curses passed down. Also, they were more likely to recognize them and decide to be proactive in breaking those curses.

As new parents, we recognize our duty to feed, clothe and care for this child that is entering the world. However, we are often remiss in thinking about the behaviors that we pass down to this child that has been passed down to us through generations. These are the things that make up generational curses.

Upon the birth of my son, I acknowledged that I had to shape this little person into a [wonderful] human being. My goal was to break the generational curse passed down from my family, raise him with a clean slate. Starting his life off free of generational curses involved saying NO, to the following:

🔸Toxic masculinity, perpetuated by the patriarchy. He was born male, and he has embraced masculinity, minus toxicity.
🔸 Organized religion, which has been altered by man. I wanted him to focus on being a good person instead of focusing on being a religious person. Going this route has allowed him to become a good person that is spiritual versus religious.
🔸 Forge his own path, finding out WHO he wants to be as a person. All of this without me trying to live my life secondarily through him by making him my little cloned minion.
🔸Gender roles, gender nonsense, and antiquated views on how gender plays a role in whatever nonsense of the week, people are embracing.
🔸 NOT to bow down and conform to what people wanted him to be. I allowed him to learn about likes and dislikes by experiencing things. I encouraged him to, rock the clothes he wanted, rock the hair he wanted and rock the life he wanted. All of this, without conforming to what is popular. Instead, I encouraged him to embrace what makes him feel good and gave him joy.

A lot of these lessons allowed my son to become a wonderful human being, minus generational curses. The generational curse stops here.

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