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Broken People, Break Other People

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Photo by Ivonne E on Reshot

Photo by Ivonne E on Reshot

I often wonder why people hop from relationships to relationships and how they function like that. If you go from one person to another without giving yourself the proper amount of time to regroup, how then can you reflect on why that relationship didn’t work?

People that move quickly from one broken relationship to another are not providing themselves with the opportunity to understand what went wrong in their previous relationship to cause its failure.

I think it’s essential that you analyze what you and the other person contributed to the relationship’s failure. That would allow you to stop making the same relationship mistakes or selecting the same types of people, in the future.

Additionally, when you move from one relationship to another quickly, if you are broken chances are, you may break someone else. That is due to not taking time to reflect and learn from the relationship’s failure. Broken people, break other people. Sometimes they do so, without even realizing it. That’s why it’s best to take time between relationships to think about and learn from what happened.

Time in between relationships allows you to think about things you could have done better. Also, things that the other person could have done better. You can reflect upon what behaviors you should and should not accept from another person. You can also think about behaviors that you might want to address before moving to the next relationship.

Finally, take a break to learn how to love yourself. What better way to show someone how to love you than loving yourself as an example?

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