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Causing Childhood Trauma for Social Media Likes is BAD PARENTING

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Photo by Bryan Cordova on Reshot

Photo by Bryan Cordova on Reshot

Parenting is hard. There are probably very few people that would dispute that. You have this little person, and your job is to mold that little person into a wonderful human being. There are no hard and fast rules, and there is no instruction book. You are basically winging it.

We all have very good intentions, but sometimes we fall short. A lot of that is due to not having an instruction book and no hard and fast rules. So we all do the best we can. Doing the best we can, sometimes falls short, and kids end up with childhood trauma. That trauma is usually not intentionally caused by parents.

Parents usually have no guidance, so they end up mimicking the parenting they received as children. If they were recipients of good parents, the kids come out well adjusted and wonderful members of society. If they were on the other end of bad parenting, that will probably be passed down. In both of those situations, parents are usually doing the best they can.

I mentioned two types of parents that may or may not cause trauma to their children. Then there’s the other type of parent that seemingly inflicts harm on a child just for social media likes. These types of parents are abusive and irresponsible.

This week I’ve noticed in multiple groups the sharing of content which involved parents intentionally scaring very young children for social media likes. These parents were using a spider Snapchat filter to make very young children think a huge spider was crawling on them. Not only did they find this funny, they thought to share it on social media for likes.

This is reprehensible behavior for parents to purposefully scare children and potentially cause childhood trauma for social media likes. Young children should never be traumatized knowingly by their parents. Such harmful behaviors should be stopped. That’s before we have adults years from now in need of therapy due to the laughs that their parents got via social media for a prank that caused childhood trauma and wasn’t funny in the least. Kids should be loved NOT traumatized, especially for social media likes.

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