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Coronavirus, Life and Making it ALL Make Sense While Social Distancing

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We are truly living through something surreal. The otherworldly nature of this plague is so much outside of our capabilities of handling this kind of trauma. The entire country is living through events that will traumatize us for a long time, I’m sure. Had I not been going to therapy, I’m sure I would have considered it after living through this country-wide scale of horrific death and trauma.

Due to the nature of it, we must find ways to cope with it. There is no right way or wrong way. It’s all about just trying to get through it the best way we can. So, for me, it has been about making the most out of life’s small wins. I am aware that my ability to view things as such and without worrying about just my ability to feed my family and LIVE, is a blessing.

I have worked hard to be in the position I am in, finally, and I embrace that. It has taken a long time and it has taken me even longer to learn to sit in that knowledge and exhale. It does NOT minimize that I feel bad for the people that are struggling right now. So, I am embracing all that I’ve worked for through the struggle years. However, on the other hand, I feel reluctant to share so much by way of social. That’s because I don’t want to seem insensitive to those that are struggling. It’s a bit of a dilemma.

I’ve always believed most situations had a silver lining, no matter how horrific. I must say, I am having some challenges finding a silver lining in what is unfolding in the world. The ONLY positive on a global level is that the world is pausing, people are being forced to rest, AND healing is taking place.

Some of the things I’ve been focusing on:

🔸Peace & Love:
I have been getting in touch and reconnecting with WHO I am sans all of the familial and other influences that I’ve dealt with through my life. That has been a real process, and last week I hit a sweet spot with that, and it’s been beautiful.

I have been doing extensive work for weeks to move past a lot of things that have been impeding my path and suppressing my ability to embrace my true self. That work has allowed me to embrace a feeling of peace and love for myself that I’ve never experienced before in life.

Embracing my true self has come due to lack of input by anyone other than myself, and energies of all others not being a part of my processes or even in my consciousness. The processes that were involved with moving me to this place have been extremely cathartic.

🔸Health & Wellness
Social distancing has substantially limited my ability to venture out. That has forced me to look at my diet more. I always tweak my diet as I see fit, but I have been forced to tweak my diet based on the availability of food. Groceries that I have been accustomed to eating have become harder to find, so I’ve had to adapt.

I started ordering food from a produce company that also has some plant-based, poultry, and fish options. These were foods I focused, on but the difference now is, the selection is much lower than what I was used to before the plague. So this has forced me to buy what’s available and then create meals based on what I have. That has been great because I’ve had some amazing foods included in these boxes. It has forced me to step way out of my food comfort zone, but it’s also been very enjoyable cooking all of the different dishes for myself and my son. I am eating healthier than ever and It’s been great. I legit, made marinara sauce, from scratch.

🔸Family & Friends
I am lucky to have amazing family and friends. That is especially the case since culling down my list of family and friends to those that display reciprocal love. It is so important to invest time and energy in people that love you at the same level that you love them. Life is too short to spend time of people that do not value you.

Since we are social distancing, my ability to spend time with folks that don’t live in my house is zero. However, I have been taking advantage of Zoom meetings to spend time with my family that are out of state. I am going to arrange future Zoom meetings with friends, as well.

For those friends that are not on zoom, I’ve increased my telephone time and texting time with them. It is so important to check on people and for people to check on you during this time of isolation.

Additionally, I have been spending much more time with my son. He is mostly an adult, so the time I have to spend with him has been diminishing for years. So, during this plague, I’ve been having some great conversations over coffee. I’ve been additionally cooking more, which allows us to bond over food.

🔸Me Time
In addition to all of the things above, I am spending lots of time just enjoying “me time.” I am listening to great music, journaling, reading, and catching up on the many Netflix and Hulu shows.

Moving forward, I think we should all use this as an opportunity to live, love, heal, and spend time with family and loved ones, if possible. We have been presented with the opportunity to pause our busy lifestyles, take time to embrace these things, and more if we are in a position to do so. Yes, it’s a horrific situation we are living through, but let’s all use it in a way that makes us better humans for ourselves and those around us.

I would love to know your thoughts on coping in our new normal. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter. Until then, Be STRONG, Be SAFE and STAY HOME!

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