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Coronavirus of 2020 is a Historic Event

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Photo by y nhi on Reshot

Photo by y nhi on Reshot

The first case of the Coronavirus was associated with the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, Hubei Province around, December 31, 2019. It soon spread and was linked to person to person contact. Soon we would be experiencing a worldwide pandemic like something we’ve never experienced before.

Coronavirus would go on to spread and wreak havoc on China, Europe and Korea. From January to March and beyond, the illness stalked and killed at will. It spread in a way like most had never seen before outside of a chapter in a history book.

Although the timelines are January to March, there have been reports of people who experienced illnesses similar to what is consistent with symptoms of the coronavirus predating January.

I had an illness from late December to early January. I exhibited ALL of the symptoms, minus the gastrointestinal aspect of the virus. I am not alone in my feelings that I had this virus. I mentioned this in one of my online groups, and there were quite a few people that had the same feeling as me.

If I did indeed have it, I understand WHY people are perishing. Before December of 2019, I’d not had so much as a cold in seventeen years. When I tell you, I’d never felt so horrible in my life I’m not lying. One of the things I read was, people that RECOVERED from this virus mentioned having the following symptoms:

🔸Shortness of breath to the degree that they had to sleep sitting up.
🔸A squeezing feel in their lungs.
🔸Sore throat
🔸Body Aches

I had all of these. I felt as if marbles were in my lungs, and they moved around every time I breathed. I additionally felt as if every breath I took, each one of my organs was laboring. During this illness, was one of the few times I felt as if I could die. I updated my will, that’s how horrible I felt. I am extremely healthy, and if what I had was a MINOR case of this, I understand how someone might not be able to live if they had heart or lung issues before the onset of this virus.

Fast forward to March, and the virus is now ravaging the entire country, but it is wreaking havoc on the United States. States have been encouraged and or told to pretty much shelter in place and for only essential personnel are exempt from that.

🔸People are dying at an alarming rate.
🔸There are supply chain issues.
🔸Sports teams have canceled the seasons.
🔸Medical personnel is contracting the virus.
🔸Schools and colleges have been canceled.
🔸People have been told to stand 6′ apart from others.
🔸Businesses are suffering.
🔸People have been advised to wear face masks.
🔸Medical personnel does not have enough equipment to stay safe.
🔸16 million Americans have filed for Unemployment as of April 25, 2020.
🔸People have been advised to wear face masks.
🔸Medical personnel does not have enough equipment to stay safe.
🔸16 million Americans have filed for Unemployment as of April 25, 2020.

Source: Wikipedia

It is rumored that the 45th occupant of D.C knew the degree that the virus could impact the country due to our lack of preparedness. Yet, instead of trying to get ahead of it, there was more concern about future electability in 2020 and keeping the reports of virus numbers down. We will never know the truth.

The virus and the fall out are such a horrifically monumental and historical event that I felt as if I had to start to document some of the things that are happening.

It seems that we didn’t learn from the 1918 Flu pandemic. I hope, in the future don’t continue to repeat history. Ideally, we will use this horrific tragedy as an example of why we must see humanity instead of politics when making decisions that impact people and NOT continue to allow history to repeat itself.

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