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Three Reasons I changed My Mind About Taking The Coronavirus Vaccine
I have been extremely vocal about my leeriness of the medical industry in general and... Read more.
Organic Foods, Gardening, Chakra Balancing, Essential Oils, Crystals, Meditation, And More During The Plague.
I have said many times that 2020 is absolute TRASH. Actually, it’s more like the... Read more.
Plague, Plants and Pickles
2020 is the most surreal thing ever due to the extreme weirdness of everything that... Read more.
NEW Routines Help Create Your NEW Normal When The World Is Anything But Normal
My statement stands that 2020 is totally TRASH. It is so horrible because all of... Read more.
Quarantine Cooking Has Been My Form Of Self-Care During Covid-19
Self-care can sometimes be viewed as a buzz word, but that doesn’t minimize the importance... Read more.
Coronavirus, Life and Making it ALL Make Sense While Social Distancing
We are truly living through something surreal. The otherworldly nature of this plague is so... Read more.
Coronavirus Quarantine Vibe: Doing ME
🔸Restoring Myself: I’d started doing this before the quarantine, but it has allowed me to... Read more.
Coronavirus of 2020: Death, Grieving and Mourning Life’s Norms
Today is April 26, 2020, and I haven’t left my house since March 13, 2020.... Read more.
Coronavirus of 2020 is a Historic Event
The first case of the Coronavirus was associated with the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in... Read more.
How The Coronavirus FORCED Me Into Self-care Mode
I mentioned in quite a few other posts how I spent the majority of my... Read more.

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