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Detox From Everything in Your Life, EVEN People

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Photo by Geraud Pfeiffer on Pexels

Photo by Geraud Pfeiffer on Pexels

I am a fan of living as clean as I can. That’s because, honestly, it makes me feel better. So, I am constantly looking to feel better by eliminating things that make me feel bad, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to feel as good as I can while on this earth. When I tell people this, sometimes I get the folks that say, you are going to die whether you live a clean life or not. However, the difference is if you abuse your body, soul, and mind, you will suffer before you die. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather skip the suffering part.

Every year I look at what I am absorbing mentally, tolerating emotionally, eating, drinking, and putting on my skin and hair. Then I eliminate things as needed. I’ve done this since I was nineteen. That’s when I gave up eating pork and beef. Since then, I’ve been slowly subtracting and adding to my list of things.

A few years ago, I got rid of chicken that wasn’t natural, antibiotic and growth hormone free. Now I eat mostly organic foods. This energy extended to my lotions, body washes, and hair products. I started making my body wash and lotions because store-bought products have a lot of chemicals in them.

The most recent elimination from my diet was gluten. The first few days were rough, but after that, I felt great. I’ve been less bloaty than I’ve felt in years. I also started working out again. I’ve had a start/stop relationship with exercising since before COVID. So far, I have been really great with staying the course and developing a good pattern so I can stay on track.

Eating good foods, using non-toxic products, and working out can help minimize impact of toxins in your life. People think about things like this, but sometimes they never factor in the toxic people they have in their lives. These people can be just as harmful to you but in a mental, psychological, and emotional way. That is just as bad, if not worse, than eating and using toxic products. It all goes hand in hand. A Healthy existence goes beyond the physical body to the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of your being as well.

If you are eating right, exercising, and using natural products, don’t forget about the people in your life that can also bring toxicity. Toxins are not limited to products, but they include people as well. I will take that one step further and say people can be THE MOST TOXIC.

So when you take inventory of the things that are doing your body harm, don’t forget about the people doing your mind harm, including ALL people, not just friends. Look at your partners and family members as well. That’s because they can hurt you more with their behaviors than people that aren’t as close to you.

I am not a fan of keeping harmful people in my life due to a genetic tie. Friends, family, lovers, or colleagues that are toxic can all go. So if a person is harming with hurtful behavior, I don’t care what our relationship is. They MUST go. I will also get rid of the family if their behavior impacts me negatively. I don’t wait until New Year to be like, ” New Year, New Me.” If you act like a smacked ass any day, I will eliminate you from my life with no hesitation.

As a Gen X, more of my life is behind me than is in front of me. There is no way I’m giving anyone free access to be a toxic asshole in my life. The thing is, we have power over our own lives. We have control over who we allow access to us. People treat you how you ALLOW THEM TO TREAT YOU. Family and partners tend to be the worse. They are disillusioned because they erroneously think they won’t get the boot. NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

If I treat someone with love and respect, but I don’t get the same in return, it’s time for me to leave. PERIOD and nothing to discuss. I can love you as a human, but I will always love you from a distance once you’ve leveled unprovoked toxic behavior toward me. I will wish you well in life, but that will never include me being a part of that life. EVER. It’s simply self-preservation and my need for a peaceful non-toxic existence.

So, how are you detoxing your life? What/who is going and what/who is staying? Let’s discuss it. Catch me on my socials’.

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