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Eat to Feel Good, NOT Feel Good To Eat

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Photo by lloydtheabstrac on Reshot

Photo by lloydtheabstrac on Reshot

When you eat, you shouldn’t feel bad afterward. If you do, you need to adjust what you are eating. You should always eat to feel good, not feel good to eat. Suppose you feel bad all the time? OR suppose you don’t even know what it’s like to feel good?

Essentially, you feel like crap because you put crap in your body. How your body feels is directly connected to so many things. One of those things is how you feel. Food, what you eat and how you feel, can be connected to how your brain functions, how your hair grows, and even how you smell.

How your body feels is so connected to what you put in it, but most of us rarely think about that. Your body has a way of telling you what feels good, and what doesn’t. However, you must be connected enough to your body, to read the cues. I use to snort at people that said, “you are what you eat” in that holier than thou tone. The phrase became less and less snort worthy, as I realized the truth in that phrase.

My journey started a while ago when I was nineteen years old. At nineteen I was NOT “waxing poetic” about, how you are what you eat that’s for sure. At that time, there was a group of foods that made me sick, so I stopped eating them because I didn’t want to be sick. In retrospect, I was living the “you are what you eat” philosophy without even being aware of it.

The journey to feeling good has been an ongoing process and very much a trial and error thing. I have never been one to do that New Year’s Eve changes to your diet thing, for a few days and then discontinue it. I think about food changes as needed, and I adjust accordingly and often.

So, I eat to feel good. Eating this way has become an essential part of my life. So much so, that if I eat something that is a little off my norm, my body shows me that I should probably not do that again.

Although I abruptly gave up entire groups of foods, that may not be the answer for everyone. I think exchanging foods for healthier options can be an easier way to adjust and not feel deprived of foods that you enjoy.

Take a look at the chart below to help you exchange some foods for healthier options.

Also, always check food labels. Go with organic, free-range, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, lower sodium, and other healthy options that you deem fit for you.

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