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Eliminating Toxic Masculinity Will Involve Raising Humans NOT Genders

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Photo by Monica G on Reshot

Photo by Monica G on Reshot

I spend time on social, probably more than I should, but it is what it is at this point. So I belong to quite a few groups that cater to my interests. These groups are focused on vegetarianism, raising black boys, and being an introvert.

Well, I was in the raising black boy’s group, and there was a post, ” Can a woman teach her son how to be a man?” So, since I overthink everything, I immediately thought how stupid the line of questioning was. In addition to overthinking, I am probably the most literal person you will ever encounter.

So with all of that said, it is impossible for any human not to move to the next stage of life unless they die. A fetus grows to be a baby, the baby grows to be a child, and the child grows to be an adult. That is simple biology.

Over 61% of black women are single heads of households. As single moms, at least some of these women must have children that align as males. So, do these children mysteriously evolve into something other than men? I mean, do we have scenarios in which boys are mysteriously NOT turning to men? Are boys becoming unicorns, dragons, zebras, or maybe horses?

Yes, that is ridiculous, but so is saying women can’t raise men. Human beings raise children. Children biologically turn to adults. If girls align as females, they will automatically become women. The same process applies to boys that become men. That is a part of biology and we have no control over it.

There was a ridiculously high number of MOMS, in this group that answered, “NO” to question of, “can a woman teach her son to be a man?” So, I wonder how many of them had boys that turned into something other than men? I wonder how many of these women had kids that have become something other than human? Do you think these women now have unicorns, dragons, zebras, or maybe horses as offspring?

Yes, all of these questions above are sarcastic. However, the bigger issue here is, how these women held men upon a weird imaginary platform as if they were otherworldly. Humans, raise little humans that become adults. PERIOD.

We have to start to think of raising children, not as raising a boy or raising a girl, but as raising a decent human being. Focusing on raising a boy as a person without focusing on gender will move us closer to ridding the world of toxic masculinity. Children are children, they need love and for parents regardless of gender, to focus on raising a decent human being. WE need to stop focusing on which gender is raising kids and the gender of the kids. The focus needs to be on raising decent humans.

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