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Fathers Provide a BluePrint to Their Daughters Adult Relationships

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Photo by Tonya Snow-Cook on Reshot

Photo by Tonya Snow-Cook on Reshot

I have lunch with my “bestie” quite often on Sunday’s. It’s our day to catch up on what is happening in our lives. We often talk about our father’s and the impact they’ve made on our lives. Our friendship started after we met at a new hire lunch over twelve years ago. We talked about how both our fathers were police officers and how much they both had in common. Our bond has continued to grow ever since.

Last Sunday, we had one of our customary lunches where we talked about everything from life, love, lack thereof, money politics, and so much more.

The conversation soon turned to our fathers and the impact that they’ve had on our lives. Our fathers both played a pivotal role in our lives. Although they were men playing that dad role in the lives of their daughters, they taught us to be strong women. They molded us into who we are.

Fathers lead by example in showing their daughters how men behave. Fathers teach their daughters what behaviors should and should not be accepted by the men they will later become involved with, in relationships. Without that figure, I think it leaves young girls struggling in knowing how to deal with men in relationships, as they get older.

A part of our conversation, this Sunday was about how blessed we were to have had our fathers growing up. These are the men that molded us into strong women. They did this by leading by example in how men are supposed to behave. These examples taught us what we should and should not tolerate when dealing with men. We have done well with these lessons as we have both not made overly horrible mistakes in our selections throughout our lives.

My friend said so profoundly, “One of the greatest things our fathers told us and told us often was how amazing we were. They instilled in us a confidence that the world cannot shake due to them being a strong force in our lives. Our fathers also appreciated the women we’ve become, that instilled in us our ability to know our self-worth. “

All girls need fathers and me and my “bestie” both had amazing fathers. We are lucky because it has given us a foundation of strength which all women need to maneuver a worth that can sometimes be a harsh place for women. This is particularly the case in dealing with interpersonal and romantic relationships. Neither of us could imagine life without the profound impact of our fathers, in general, and especially in giving us the tools needed to deal with relationships. Fathers are invaluable to daughters, at least our fathers are and were to us.

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