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Fourteen Months After I Finished My Last Therapy Session: People Are Broken, Therapy Helps You Deal With Them When You’re NOT Broken

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Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Therapy for me was a journey. I look at it in retrospect and think of how amazing it was. While in the thick of those sessions, my view was a tad different. That’s especially with those tough sessions when I felt like they were attacking me, I didn’t view it so eloquently. 

I think when we’ve finished the major work connected to our therapy journey, we see ourselves as being healed or on the road to healing at the very least. That’s where I am now. Although I feel this way, I am very even though I go back to therapy if I’m particularly challenged with something beyond my abilities. 

So, I scheduled a session because I needed it more than I realized. I am a bit of an introvert. OK, more than a bit. ANY. WHO. So I threw myself out there in a pond of dealing with more people on multiple levels. The world is so very people-y, and it’s a struggle. The more people I envelop in my life, the higher probability of dealing with problematic personalities. If you want to live, throwing the dice on this is a chance you just have to take if you want to live life to its fullest. 

Therapy allows you to feel armed with your superhero cape, and you recognize that you’ve been healed or are on a good path. You also realize how very broken so many people are as you maneuver through this very people-y world. The wild thing about this is most folks that are broken on various levels don’t even realize this because that is their norm. Dealing with this brokenness from others made me seek out my therapist once more this week. I needed to talk to someone outside of my friends’ circle. That is one of the reasons therapy is so magical. 

My friends are “Team Anais” and my biggest cheerleaders, as I, them. They will give me advice “straight no, chaser” but they are my friends and invested in my happiness. When you need guidance outside of that, seeking professional advice from a therapist can be the best option. 

One of the things that I realized over the past few months: 

  • I’m so happy I went to therapy for fifteen months. 
  • Therapy provided me with the tools needed to deal with difficult people and situations. 
  • Many people don’t realize they need therapy.
  • There are way more broken people in this world than I ever realized.
  • Therapy helps me deal with the broken people I will inevitably encounter. 
  • Therapy can help you find your peace.
  • Everyone could benefit from therapy. 

In closing, I scheduled this session last week for today, not realizing how much I would need it today. I continue to update my therapy journey because I know someone out there needs to hear it. People need to know consulting a therapist is perfectly fine. If I can contribute to normalizing this, I will continue to do so. So, until next time….

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