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HEALING for 2020 & Beyond: Opening Up About The Last Four Months of 2019

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Photo by Derrick Thomas on Reshot

Photo by Derrick Thomas on Reshot

The entire year of 2019, sucked so much. I can’t think of a polite way to phrase it, other than it sucked. 2019 unraveled my world and left me questioning everything I thought to be my reality. Although the year was horrible, there were some areas in which I did well. That was my professional life and my home life with my son. The year of challenges allowed me to be hyper-focused of excelling at work and allowed my son and I to form a closer bond. I admit that these two things, kept me grounded in 2019 they were my lifeline, during so much uncertainty.

Then it happened! The last four months of 2019 happened, and it allowed the year to end in a way that allowed me to start healing from things I didn’t even know affected me, that is due to finding a great therapist.

I recently saw a Twitter Post from @MelaninHealth that went as follows:

🔸Therapy is More than “just talking.”
🔸Therapy rewires the brain.
🔸Therapy helps release trauma stored in the body.
🔸Therapy helps interrupt generations of unhealthy patterns
🔸Therapy helps us heal.
🔸And healing changes lives.

Everything about that tweet reached into my heart and beyond to my very soul. It spoke to everything these therapy sessions have done for me and beyond.

Honestly, when I started this blog, I never planned to write about my therapy journey. That’s because when I started it, I hadn’t started therapy. I was still on the fence about going, although I knew it was something that I needed to do. Upon creating my first post about my session, I knew it was something I needed to continue writing about because I needed those that may need an extra nudge to go, to follow through. I additionally wanted to share my journey because there’s such a negative stigma in the black community about therapy. I felt I could allow folks to take a peek into my journey, in hopes of normalizing it so more people would start to view therapy as a form of self-care.

There are too many black folks that believe they can go to church and “pray away” challenges they are having. I am not minimizing spirituality, but why not do both? Why must it be an, either, or situation? Either way, therapy is not the boogie man but not addressing issues beyond your abilities, could impact you, and turn those issues into your own private boogie man.

So in 2020, I encourage all that have been on the fence about therapy to jump in and HEAL YOURSELF.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post about healing. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter . Until next time, Happy Healing!

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