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How I Refinanced My Entire Mortgage Using My iPhone

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Photo by Ellie l on Reshot

Photo by Ellie l on Reshot

Refinancing a mortgage can be a very involved process. There’s paperwork, faxing, scanning, copying, and running around to get documents. Who has time for all of that? We are all so busy with work, kids, activities for kids, and more.

I am no different. I wanted to lock in a refinance rate for one of my houses, but I didn’t have time for all of the time-consuming tasks related to getting it done. I know this because a previous refinance deal fell through due to my inability to get ALL of the required paperwork returned on time.

So, when my credit union contacted me with a refinance offer again, I jumped at the opportunity to start the process once again. This time I needed to be strategic about how I completed and submitted my paperwork.

I decided to complete the entire process on my mobile phone. I know, right, that sounds crazy. However, I was able to get it done, and I was successful in refinancing my mortgage.

I accessed all the files needed from my bank through my mobile device. The mortgage process involves signing, scanning, and faxing paperwork.

🔸Fax Pro: The app allows you to fax directly from your iPhone. You have to purchase credits through the app.
🔸SignNow: Is free and allows you to sign and fill PDF documents directly from your iPhone.

Using these two apps allowed me to sign and fax all paperwork to my mortgage company and successfully lock in my refinance rate. The great part about completing everything on my mobile is, I have all of my paperwork right at my fingertips on my phone.

I’d planned on removing these apps from my phone once I completed the process. However, these apps have been great for other paperwork that I’ve needed to complete since refinancing my home mortgage.


Fax Pro:

Sign Now

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