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I Found Love in 2022 and it Feels Amazing

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

2022 was a year full of so many changes. It started in a rocky manner on New Year’s Eve of 2021, but I’m happy that was not a forecast for the year to come. My grandmother would say how you start the year could be a prelude to the coming year. She is usually correct, but I am happy her predictions were a bit off this time. 

The beginning of the year started on a note that I did not like and forced me to reevaluate my path. I sat with myself and realized I needed to make changes. So that’s what I did. I had a dream in March that solidified my choice to make drastic life changes. My grandmother came to me in this dream and told me to leave my current relationship. She said to get a new person and then walked away. I did just that and didn’t look back. When your ancestors come back to give you guidance from beyond, you’d better listen. That dream was the start of the journey of change this year. 

If I had to use one word for the entire year, I would say it is LOVE. In 2022, I found love. The love I found was for life, myself, and boundaries.

Loving life is truly amazing, and his year has shown me how to enjoy much more of this existence on my terms. A few years ago, while going through my therapy journey, I was striving to get to this point. 

Loving myself has been a process. I always loved myself but this year allowed me to fully embrace who I am, flaws and all, without constantly striving for perfection as I once did. I realized that was a trauma response. So, as I’ve healed more, the need for flawlessness has diminished. 

Loving boundaries and learning to set them were huge this year. I was never one to be controlled by other people. However, I tended to put the needs of others over my own on occasion. This year taught me the importance of setting firm boundaries and how crucial it is to put myself first. It also showed me how people continue to push you if you allow it. 

So, closing out the year, my heart is full of love. That is not because of the influences of others, but it is due to the unconditional love and acceptance I’ve developed for who I am. So, I go into 2023, full of love and in such a great space, mind, body, and soul. I’m really looking forward to spreading love to those who are deserving, but I will ONLY do so with a mindfulness of filling my cup first and giving others the overflow, not filling the cup of others first. Here’s to a great year ahead. I predict a year of abundance, beauty, brilliance, peace, fulfillment and more love.

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