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June 19, 2022: Letter to Dad, Happy Father’s Day

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Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels

Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels

I can not believe this is the fourth Father’s Day that you are no longer in your physical body. It feels as if this happened so long ago, but at the same time, it is all still so fresh in my mind.

What I did this weekend:
🔸 I spent time talking to friends.
🔸 I altered your lotion recipe and made some because I jacked my knee up.
🔸 I worked on a new launch for my LLC.
🔸 I started a marketing campaign for the new launch.
🔸 I relaxed and reflected on moves to make very soon.
🔸 I am still not ready to see your gravesite, so I will not be doing that.
🔸 I listened to Earth Wind & Fire – Serpentine Fire.
🔸 I prepped for the busy week ahead.

What you missed:
🔸 I went to a few therapy appointments this year. I was struggling with a few things. Therapy helped so much.
🔸 I went to The Dominican, Key West, and Puerto Rico last year.
🔸 Bae was a narcissist. So, I had to be OUT, like Harriet.
🔸 I finished renovating your house and made it my own.
🔸 I fixed the concrete on the porch.
🔸 I painted the front of your house white and grey. Not sure if you would like it.
🔸 I made small renovations on three other properties last year.
🔸 I am starting renovation on ONLY one house this season. Then the others will follow.
🔸 I need to start working out again because this body needs to get in better shape.
🔸 The pitbull Grandpup had to find a new home.
🔸 A few cats adopted me and made me their cat mom.
🔸 I moved into a new role at the same company. I am STILL doing egghead unicorn stuff. My job changed so much.

What I will do for the rest of 2022
🔸 Continue to build stronger relationships.
🔸 I didn’t get the lotus tattoo, but I am going to do that soon.
🔸 I have a bit of traveling on the agenda this year. I am planning three trips.
🔸 I am looking into getting a snowbird home.
🔸 The business is taking off, and I’m launching something big soon.
🔸 I am going to embrace more life and enjoy great times with amazing people.

You taught me so much, and I will continue to live my life based on some of those life lessons. The lessons I will continue to focus on are:

🔸 Live in my truth, even if it is unpopular
🔸 Always lead
🔸 Do not follow fools.
🔸 Get money

I will be embracing those lessons for the next fifty years. You were not perfect, but you will always be my superhero.

Love forever,
The one who always has and always will love you.

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