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Love and Friendship: Hand Select Your Tribe

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Photo by Huzaini Husin on Reshot

Photo by Huzaini Husin on Reshot

People are inevitably a part of life. People are hard to avoid, even for introverts like myself. As an introvert, time spent with people is rather minimal by choice. Therefore, it is important to spend my time with amazing people. Anything short of that and you are doing yourself a disservice.

As an introvert time spent by oneself is of the utmost importance. Therefore when deciding who you’d like to spend time with, it is that much more important to chose with care. Often, as an introvert, you are selected by extroverts. Sometimes this can be great because it takes the pressure off of you to “make friends.”

As an adult making friends, is a lot harder because “adulting” doesn’t lend itself to making friends as easily as when you were a child. So, I am all for making quality friends, not having quantities of friends.

Unfortunately, you cannot select your family. They were handed down genetically through no fault of your own. That means you pretty much “got what you got.” You are assigned your family, so you can’t erase the genetic markers of that relationship. Sometimes, that is unfortunate if you have a toxic family. However, you can hand-select your tribe because you are not genetically assigned to them as you are family members.

I have been lucky to be able to create amazing friendships with a hand-selected tribe. I have two tribes an online, and offline tribe. Everyone should make a conscious decision to surround themselves with greatness.

I had an opportunity to speak to a friend, who I will make a part of my tribe. During our conversation, she mentioned how she didn’t have a tribe or any friends. That she didn’t have friends or felt as if she didn’t have anyone close enough to consider a friend, made me sad. Everyone should have a tribe, and everyone should hand select that tribe.

Your tribe brings laughter, peace, and love to your life. We all need a little or a lot more laughter, peace, and love.

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