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#Narcissistic #Devaluation: Let’s Get Into It

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Photo by Rafael Freire on Pexels

Photo by Rafael Freire on Pexels

As humans, we are ALL born special. If you take time to think about creation and how amazing it is from a biological standpoint. Amazingly, we carry DNA around in our bodies that can create a whole ass person. I sometimes look at my son and think about how wild it is that I actually made an entire walking, breathing, living person. 

We are born as miracles which means we are all extraordinary. That is innately ours as individuals. No one can ever take that away from us. That makes us valuable in our own right. No one can take our value or worth from us. That is especially the case when most narcissists have to tap into other people to gain their self-worth. THOSE people lack the capacity to devalue anyone when they struggle to find value within themselves. Just think about the irony of someone who has NO self worth trying to devalue another person. It’s WILD. 

As you think about that, rewind your life to before you met the toxic narcissistic entity that has invaded your life. 

  • What were you doing? 
  • How did you feel? 
  • What were your accomplishments? 
  • What joy were you living?

Now, think about a toxic entity that has invaded your life. 

  • What are they doing with their lives? 
  • How do they feel regularly? 
  • What have they accomplished in their lives? 
  • What joy are they living? 

Guess what?

  • I have a feeling they are not doing much with their lives besides trying to control yours.  
  • I think they probably feel rather miserable regularly. 
  • They probably have no accomplishments to show for their lives.
  • Aren’t they criticizing, miserable complainers? 

I say all this to say, YOUR value is within and not dependent upon another person’s twisted view of themselves that they project on you to devalue you. Also, their initial interest in YOU was because THEY recognized your greatness. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go live your best life because YOU are valuable, worth it, and as special as you were when you entered this world. Also, never allow another to make you question your value. YOU’RE beautiful and magical. 

Finally, feel comfort in knowing you were/are able to get away from narcissists and toxic people. They are not able to get away from themselves. So, go live your beautiful and spectacular best life, knowing that YOU will always value yourself moving forward. 

I would love to know your thoughts and experiences with your toxic and / or narcissistic person. Let’s talk about it on my FB Page. 

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