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#Narcissists are Evil – I Said What I Said

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Photo by Chanita Sykes on Pexels

Photo by Chanita Sykes on Pexels

As much as most well-adjusted folks CAN live in perfect harmony in our lives ALONE, it is human nature to want someone to love. YES, some folks are aware, healed, and walking through the world comfortable spending time alone. However, at our core, we all NEED love. We CAN live perfectly in peace and harmony by ourselves, but it’s nice to have a person.

Love is a part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s right in the middle and labeled under “love and belonging.” It involves friendship, intimacy, family, and a sense of connection. On a side note, I think people with an unnatural preoccupation with sexing everyone with a hole or appendage are overwhelmingly lacking in this area of need. They are craving intimacy and not really humping everyone as they portray. BUT, that’s a whole other blog post. ANY.WHO.

Most people venture onto apps and the entire dating space to find a partner to love or, at the very least, a hook-up. I am not into randomly sexing strangers hook-up style, but I am a fan of folks going at it if that’s their thing. I never judge the lives of others. I like to mind my business. So, I’m much more of a “do you” boo sort.

All of this brings me to the folks walking through this world with NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder and those that display toxic narcissistic tendencies. I’ve written about these folks before. That’s because quite a few of my friends and I have had the unfortunate experience of encountering these demons. Yup, I said it. Save your thoughts about my opinion of those demons for your mammy.

The things you read about these folks nuance the behaviors of these people. I’m a bit sick of the sugar coating of it, and I’m just going to call a thing A THING. These folks are simply evil. I said what I said.

When people seek a partner, they are looking for someone to LOVE for a short span or permanently. Whether looking for a long-term relationship or a booty call, they usually don’t have evil intent like narcissists when these demons pursue prey. These folks are cowardly, evil bullies that literally get their rocks off by treating people horribly with the intent to destroy them because they are jealous of the goodness in people. Who the hell does that?

YES, I do believe these folks are indeed mentally ill. However, they are very evil as well. BOTH can live in the same place as those with NPD have demonstrated. They are not simply people who experienced some childhood trauma because many people have experienced trauma. These folks are dark and evil predators who purposely seek out people with light to destroy them with their hideous, twisted dark souls. They walk this world with evil, chaotic souls, preying upon folks to purposely harm them because THEY can not live with the depravity twisting in their core.

The Narcissists strategically and methodically try to chip away at a person because THEY are broken instead of making a choice NOT to harm others due to their brokenness. They could opt out of hurting others by acknowledging their dark souls and seeking therapy to at least TRY to do better. Instead, they walk the earth trying to destroy the good in people that are simply looking for love.

If you have dealt with a narcissist, I wish you all the best in your healing journey moving forward. You are entitled and worthy of ALL the goodness and love in the world. If you are a narcissist, I wish you loneliness and karma for all of eternity and beyond.

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