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Narcissists, Boundaries and #Selfcare

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Photo by LinaVeresk on Reshot

Photo by LinaVeresk on Reshot

I, like so many others, have had the misfortune of being exposed to people with narcissistic personality disorder or ASSHOLES to be blunt. They understand, not, now annoying they are.

The thing about narcissists is, they think everything is about them. Situations that are 100% about you, they STILL believe that it’s about them. These types cannot see that everything is NOT about them. It is mind-boggling if you think about it.

The worse thing you can do to someone that is suffering from a narcissistic personality is to ignore them. Not that I am focused on ignoring the narcissist, JUST because it’s the worse thing you can do to them. However, for me, it is a matter of self-preservation, setting boundaries and self-care. Ignoring them allows me to push them totally out of my mind, allowing me to set the best possible boundaries ever. It is really as if they no longer exist.

As I’ve aged, peace and love have become the center of my existence. I eat, sleep, and breathe by that philosophy because it works for me. It allows me to live my best life. I practice this in every aspect of my existence. After the challenging year that 2019 was for me, I am doubling down on embracing peace and love.

Living a peaceful existence is the antithesis of what a narcissist is about. Being in the presence of a narcissist is the antithesis of what I am all about. Therein lies the problem, and now we are at a stalemate. That is because the narcissist is dedicated to being who they are, and I am dedicating to not allowing that to impact my life.

Boundaries are the best way to minimize the impact of a narcissist in your life if you can’t totally eliminate them. Sometimes for some, elimination of the problematic narcissist is impossible, for whatever reason. However, in my case removing them from my life, is not problematic at all. I find that the more narcissistic behaviors I see, the easier it is to distance myself from the narcissist. There’s nothing like moving on with your life, instead of indulging in behaviors that feed narcissistic tendencies, to bring back the peace and love to your life in the ultimate exercise in self-care.

Symptoms of a Narcissist

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