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Part 8, Cancer and Internet Advice

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Photo by Nao Okawa on Reshot

Photo by Nao Okawa on Reshot

I discussed quite a bit about Cancer in Part 7 of this series. One of the things discussed was how my father was opting to go a holistic route in his treatment instead of traditional chemotherapy and radiation. I can’t say if this was good or bad only, that it was the right choice for my dad.

My father was very interested in health issues and remaining healthy. He was always online reading about different holistic treatments for all kinds of diseases. I think he was very concerned with getting older, getting sick, and having the ability to find treatments that weren’t pharmaceuticals. So, he often found websites with cures for a multitude of diseases and disorders. He would share these resources with friends, family, and anyone who would listen. I admit that he did have a few great suggestions that worked for me in the past.

Cancer is an entirely different thing as we soon found out. Upon his diagnosis, he talked about an alkaline diet and foods that could help achieve results aligning with this. He said cancer couldn’t live in an alkaline body. I don’t know if that is true or false but, I know that information didn’t help my dad. I believe he tried everything possible to alkaline his body but to no avail.

Cancer grows stronger unless aggressively treated was the word of caution from the doctors. My dad didn’t even consider what they were discussing, not even for a minute. He was adamant against enduring the side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

The thing about cancer is it impacts everything about your life because it’s so invasive and disruptive. So as he was moving toward making his body alkaline, cancer was still disrupting his body functions. It could have been working but, I don’t know if it was a match for his type of cancer.

If there’s proof that natural methods work in the treatment of cancer, at what stage? Are there studies to show that natural methods can treat cancer that is aggressively spreading and growing?

Cancer is a very complex disease, as are the treatments created for this disease. The cure for cancer, I’m sure is a long way off but, I’m sure those with medical backgrounds are more likely to find a cure than someone offering their opinion online.

I don’t know that my father’s life expectancy would have been better if he took advantage of traditional treatments. I believe he had the best quality of life that he could have, considering his diagnosis.

I’m not saying traditional methods of treatment should be the only options. I just caution when only considering Internet resources for a serious illness like cancer.

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