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Preparing for the Future: Navigating the Rollback of Affirmative Action and Building Black Resilience

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The decimation of Affirmative Action in Higher Education continues to generate buzz and concerns. However, dwelling on situations we cannot change is not productive. As proactive individuals, it is crucial to focus on finding solutions to the challenges at hand. To prepare for a potential future where diversity gains may be rolled back, Black and brown people need to plan ahead strategically. In this article, we will examine historical patterns, discuss practical steps to take, and empower ourselves to navigate the changing landscape.

A Historical Perspective:

Looking back at history, it becomes evident that whenever Black people make progress, there is often a subsequent backlash. One poignant example is the tragic story of Black Wall Street. Understanding this historical context allows us to anticipate the potential for regression and act accordingly.


Reevaluate Spending Habits:

It is time to prioritize necessities over frivolous purchases. Instead of buying expensive designer items, opt for essentials. Consider selling excess possessions and focus on supporting businesses that align with your values. By redirecting our spending, we can withdraw support from entities that do not value diversity.

Embrace Self-Sufficiency:

Learning basic grooming skills like doing your own hair and nails can help reduce expenses. By minimizing purchases of weaves, lashes, and other non-essential items, we can save money and invest it more wisely. Utilize the clothes you already have instead of constantly buying new ones. Prioritize value and long-term utility over fleeting trends.

Save for the Future:

As Black individuals, we must confront our tendency to be consumers and recalibrate our mindset. Saving money becomes crucial as we face the possibility of economic challenges resulting from the rollback of affirmative action. Prepare for the metaphorical tsunami our parents warned us about by building a substantial financial safety net.

Join a Credit Union:

Credit unions often offer less discriminatory practices compared to traditional financial institutions. Consider becoming a member of a credit union, which can increase your chances of securing a mortgage and provide greater access to financial services.

Secure Property:

Acquiring property is a vital step to safeguard against potential housing discrimination exacerbated by the rollback of affirmative action. Purchase a multifamily dwelling, either with friends or family, to pool resources and qualify for a mortgage based on combined incomes. Renting out a portion of the property can help cover mortgage costs.

Cultivate Self-Sufficiency Through Food Production:

In anticipation of potential job losses resulting from the rollback, developing self-sufficiency in food production is a wise strategy. Consider starting a garden or exploring urban farming initiatives. Growing your own food can provide sustenance and reduce dependency on the fluctuating job market.

Obtain a Passport:

In an increasingly interconnected world, having a passport is essential for personal and professional mobility. It enables access to opportunities beyond national borders and serves as an identification document. Every Black individual should ensure they possess a valid passport.

Foster Entrepreneurship:

Prepare for potential employment challenges by establishing a side hustle or exploring entrepreneurial endeavors. Developing alternative income streams can provide stability and a sense of control over your financial well-being.


While it is impossible to predict the exact trajectory of the rollback of Affirmative Action, taking proactive steps can empower Black individuals to withstand potential hardships. By reassessing our spending habits, embracing self-sufficiency, saving diligently, and cultivating resilience through entrepreneurship, we can position ourselves for a more secure future. Stay aware, stay prepared, and stay resilient, with a deep understanding of the history and the strength of the Black community.

STAY WOKE, in the Blackest Meaning of the phrase.

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