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Quiet Quitting: Relationship Edition

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Photo by Muhamadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji on Pexels

Photo by Muhamadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji on Pexels

There’s a thing buzzing about folks that are “Quiet Quitting” their jobs. That’s when you show up for your job, then do the absolute minimum you can and nothing more. I think it’s all due to how fed up people are with their jobs. Since I like my job and lean toward workaholic tendencies, that would drive me nuts. However, I do understand the philosophy behind this movement. 

I tend to align most things in life to strategies used at work. I did a previous post about applying a sales strategy to a relationship. Quiet Quitting developed a similar commonality in my brain in how that could apply to personal and professional relationships. I am working on not mentally aligning work and my personal life, but until then, ANYWHO.

People in relationships giving the absolute bare minimum, to their person is next level wild. Being an underachiever is not my ministry. So giving the bare minimum is not my thing. I will never understand how folks waste people’s time just giving the least they can while taking the most. I guess I’m just not built like that. However, I realized at a very young age that there are givers and takers in life. Sadly the givers never seem to find another person that is also a giver. Usually, the givers end up getting used by the takers. I tend to be more of a giver than a taker, but I’m aware of how many people out here are users that are losers. So, I know how to steer clear and walk away when I feel like I’m with one of the folks with loser or user energy. For the use/looser people, their norm is Quiet Quitting because they regularly give the absolute least in relationships. 

I realize I’m lucky because I am not permanently attached to anyone, so I can walk away immediately, if not sooner. However, that is not the case for others sometimes. If you are thinking of walking away from someone you are attached to in a permanent or semi-permanent way, maybe Quiet Quitting that relationship could be a solution until you escape. I say that because when a person gives you the bare minimum, why should they get maximum effort from you? 

Personally, I’m a fan of exiting from shit that doesn’t serve me in the way that I am serving it. So when stuff starts to look “STANK” I’m immediately planning to see my way out of it. I am a fan of lists. So make a list of areas in which you give the maximum but get the minimum in return from your partner. NOW start giving back that same energy. 

If they:

  • Leave you on read, leave them on read.
  • Forget to call you, forget to call them.
  • Fall asleep before returning your call, do the same.
  • If they don’t have time for you, treat them similarly.
  • If they give you the silent treatment, give back that same energy.

Straight up, Quiet Quitting the relationship until you can permanently leave could be a way to cope. That sounds super petty, but I am a fan of giving back the same energy until I mentally, emotionally, and physically check out. Never fill someone’s cup who consistently leaves your cup empty. 

I would love to know your thoughts. Catch me on my socials’. 

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