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Reclaiming Your Time: Narcissist Edition

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Photo by John on Pexels

Photo by John on Pexels

A part of the love-bombing phase amounts to a “ginormous” time suck. You won’t notice while it’s happening because love-bombing is enjoyable. I mean, until it’s not, like when the recognition hits you about how manipulative it is in a relationship. I explained in an earlier post how you get pulled into the love bombing because it feels good to be appreciated. That is especially the case since, as women, this is hard to encounter due to the whole “strong black woman” thing.

Well, even though the love bombing is appealing on a very base level when not factoring in the toxicity, you will look at it in hindsight and realize how much of your time was squandered in the process. Narississist literally waste a huge portion of your time. They are calling, video chatting, and texting ALL DAY LONG because they try to make themselves the center of your reality.

If you have other things to do, they will try to interfere because those activities have nothing to do with them or revolve around their lives. That is a sign of a very controlling and possibly manipulative person. So, you have to reclaim your time and start pushing back on the control and demands on your time. That is especially the case if it is interfering with things you have to do in your life.

If this is something you’re dealing with, look at my articles about Narcissists and people with NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Not all people that demand a lot of time are controlling, just keep an eye on their actions and trust your gut. Also, not all controlling people are narcissists or have NPD. Again, allow your instincts to guide you.

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