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Relationships and Karmic Lessons

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I am a firm believer that karma is a real thing. That’s because I believe there’s a great creator of all things, and SHE would not allow people to go through life without some getting the karma they earned. That is just the nature of life. As I think about karma, I give thought to how that shows up in relationships.

Some people go through life doing the right thing and walking on the right path. I think those folks get great karma which aligns with their deeds, as they should. I also believe those that go through life with little regard for others and harm people with their actions also get the karma they deserve based on their deeds.

Have you ever dated someone that seems to have endless amounts of bad things happening in their lives? I have met and dated people like that. I am starting to believe these things could be their karma. It’s important not to interfere with someone’s karma.

As I’ve met people and talked to them about their lives recently, I started gently probing about where they are in life. How things are showing up in their lives, and how they are getting along on their life’s journey. If a person is experiencing too much adversity, I have to extricate myself from the situation. Also, they talk about all the people that harmed them yet never mention their role in the scenario. I will listen, but I believe these folks could be experiencing karma for past deeds, at which point I don’t want that shit to spatter on me. Sorry, not sorry. I said what I said.

I believe some relationships have a karmic element, and that is especially the case when people are experiencing excessive amounts of adversity. With that said, I think everyone you cross paths with is supposed to be a part of your life. That is not to say they are your soulmate. You may not be together forever or for very long because some relationships are seasonal. However, I believe these people were placed in your life to teach you something, and you were put in their life to teach them something.

I also believe sometimes the universe will place a person in your life to teach THEM or show them things about themselves through YOU. Those same people are placed in your life to provide a life lesson. In some cases, you have a person that has good karma in their path because they’ve done all the right things in life or, at the very least, they’ve done nothing purposely harmful to others. They are the types of people that seem to radiate light. Have you ever met someone like that? It’s as if they have the purest of pure souls. Sadly they tend to attract those in line for karma because sometimes those who have darkness are naturally attracted to that person’s light. Despite who is attracted to their light, those are the people you want to be a part of your life journey.

I always wonder why those filled with light are always in relationships with those that exude darkness. I think the universe has a way of throwing these two types of people together. The goal is to help the one with light recognize darkness more effectively and to unconsciously help the dark one see that they could let some light into their lives. In essence, the universe is offering an olive branch to the dark soul to change. If they choose not to, that’s when they get their karma. When the person with lightness chooses self-preservation in the face of darkness, that can materialize as karma for the one with the dark soul. So I fully believe that people who walk through life in a heinous way will get their karma in many ways. First, they will experience karma due to their deeds, and second, by being exposed to a person who is everything they are not. Then they will be forced to sit with themselves and reflect upon the darkness of their lives while trying to survive their karma.

So, I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding who we let in our lives and spaces. Also, we must pay attention to red flags that warn us that it’s time to extricate ourselves from a situation filled with darkness.

I would love to know your thoughts on karmic relationships. You can find me on my socials’.

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