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Relationships Are Spiritual

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Photo by Rodnae Productions on Pexels

Photo by Rodnae Productions on Pexels

I was never one to walk through this world claiming everything is connected to “religions.” That’s because I do not align with traditional man-made depictions of religious beliefs. I am not saying I do not believe in a higher power. In fact, I am very spiritual. So, I believe in an entity larger than man. I mean, how could I not? Just look at all of the beauty around us. I could never look at that and believe I, as a mere human, am the greatest thing ever created. There has to be something much bigger than us. I believe that entity is about love and showing love to our fellow woman/man. It is not about war, hate, or bickering about which religious path is the best because it is about love. ANY.WHO. I digressed. 

I recently started thinking about relationships in a much more in-depth manner. That’s due to parting ways with a narcissist. Surviving that and walking away relatively unscathed is a true blessing. I will share more about how I walked away in upcoming posts. When you self-reflect once it’s over, your takeaway differs from any other break-up. That’s because it is so different than “NORMAL” relationships. Being in that type of relationship is literally like fighting for your spiritual soul. Walking away allows you to get back in touch with your peace and is the ONLY way to survive a narcissist who is evil and literally waging war on all of your light and goodness. Every day you are with them, you will lose a little piece of everything that makes you good until you’ve lost your entire soul. 

All of that led me to take a hard look at relationships in general and realize how much you open yourself up to people when you partner romantically. When you align with a person, you are allowing them to come into your world, mind, body, and soul. So whatever that person’s beliefs are, they are directly or indirectly connected to you and vice versa when you partner with them. If you are an innately good person, that might not be problematic. However, if you connect to someone that is NOT inherently good, that could be very problematic if you are a good person. 

If you select a partner that is spiritually tainted, evil or has a bad vibe about them, you are potentially opening yourself to ALL OF THAT. I am not a woo-woo, weird sort. However, this kind of thing has made me truly rethink who I will allow in my life and space, moving forward for the rest of my life. Aligning with someone will literally bring their spirituality to your life, so being careful what you invite into your world is crucial. 

In my last relationship, ALL of my people got a bad vibe from this person. I heard things like: 

  • They have a dingy aura
  • Their vibe is off
  • There’s something not right

I felt a lot of internal chaos surrounding them. I am a very peace, love, and balanced chakras sort. They were NOT. So, this did not sit well in my spirit. As the relationship evolved, so did the chaos surrounding that person. They were visually calm to look at, but there was a disorderliness in their spirit. 

I overwhelmingly thought of how unaligned I was with this person spiritually. So, I knew there was no longevity in this relationship due to how unsettled they made things. Not long after I came to this realization, I had a dream from who I believe was a younger version of my grandmother, that’s been dead since 2009. In this dream, she was a young adult. She was wearing a red sweater and had her hair in two cornrows. She said clearly and with conviction, “Get a new relationship.” Then she walked away in the dream. I walked away from this relationship and then got back in touch with myself spiritually. 

When the ancestors come to your dreams and give you a command, you’d better listen. WHEW.

I’ll be writing more relationship stuff. In the meantime, follow me on my socials. 

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