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#SelfCare, Are We Just Talking the Talk?

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Photo by mbogroff on Reshot

Photo by mbogroff on Reshot

I have promoted self-care in a few videos and blog posts. I figured I had it covered. However, recently, I was faced with actually thinking about it. It was at that point that I realized I was falling short.

For me, self-care involved swerving folks that were in my space, creating issues. Upon the death of my father, it seemed that turning up the toxicity was the route folks seemed to embrace with reckless abandonment. Which forced me to take time away from the natural process of grieving to address this foolishness and ultimately forced me into a strong but silent stance against it as a self-protection mechanism.

I have mastered separating, distancing myself, and eliminating folks from my life as a form of self-protection. I do this only in cases of folks that are narcissists and toxic.

When asked recently, what I was doing in the form of self-care exclusively for myself, I didn’t have an answer. So this started me actively thinking about what I could to change this and focus on things that involve a lot more me-time.

As black women, we are very guilty of taking care of everyone except ourselves. We are sometimes juggling a combination of, work, school, kids, parents, husbands or partners, and more. All of this gives us very little time to focus on self-care for ourselves.

So, after over 20 years of taking care of everyone else, I no longer have to do so. Therefore, I will start to focus more time on actively seeking involvement in things that make me happy. I will stop talking the talk about self-care, and start walking the walk.

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