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#Selfcare is Getting Rid of Toxic People Including Family

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Photo by Sasha on Reshot

Photo by Sasha on Reshot

Selfcare is now one of the often created and sometimes overused words that could be considered a buzzword. Let’s go with calling it a buzzword, but does that minimize its importance? I think not. Selfcare became a word of importance recently because it is an important concept. It is crucial for many reasons, most of which are people not taking care of themselves to some degree. People are so busy that they are mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally drained.

Life can be super complicated, and that can be due to the complexities of people. People are complex by nature, and they can sometimes be challenging. Family members can add an entirely different layer of challenges, to the mix.

We learn at a young age that “Blood is Thicker Than Water” or some such nonsensical drivel. This line of thinking has probably been responsible for allowing thousands of therapists to purchase BMW’s with the cost of providing therapy for folks on the receiving end of this crappy line of thought.

The thought process leads people to believe that they should endure toxicity from family, JUST because they are family. This type of thinking is so far from the truth that we should immediately reject it. Instead, we should teach people how to treat others and advise about treatment that is and is not acceptable. 

Usually, people that are not toxic are on the receiving end of this behavior by family members. These family members, sometimes encourage them to tolerate toxicity under the guise of family loyalty that they are not receiving. 

That you should endure toxic and abusive behavior is very twisted logic and should be eliminated by those that participate in its continued use. If not, we should eliminate relationships with those that are complicit in encouraging exposure to toxicity. 

As people, we have free will. We must start using that free will to eliminate toxic people from our lives. Elimination of toxic people is the best practice of self-care you can indulge in for the greater good of your peace of mind.

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