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Six Months After My Last Therapy Session, I’m Using ALL the Things From Therapy

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Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

When I started on my therapy journey, I honestly never thought it would come to an end. That’s because I had been carrying around so much shit for decades that I never thought I’d be able to relieve myself of it, but I was so wrong. Now, here I am, using everything I learned in those fifteen months to embrace all the things. I am not going to lie and pretend that therapy was easy. It WAS NOT.  

People are quick to suggest therapy as a solution. I believe that. However, when one offers sessions as a solution, we should always preface how much it will challenge you. While going through the process of working through things, it was a struggle sometimes. There were times when I questioned why I was doing this to myself. I occasionally doubted my sanity many times after a particularly challenging session, but I pushed through. 

There’s not one moment after completing sessions that I questioned my sanity for following through with therapy until the end. That’s because these sessions gave me the tools I needed to live a life not clouded by past experiences, which influenced my thinking negatively. A lot of my judgment was influenced by childhood trauma. Therapy gave me the tools needed to tackle life in the present without the impacts of childhood trauma impacting my life. That is HUGE. 

So much has happened in my life since my last therapy session six months ago. Almost everything that is happening on my path has forever been altered by my fifteen months in therapy. 


The very act of taking time for me was an anomaly when I started therapy. However, it is something that I live by in my walk through this thing called life. So, I have been continuing to live by embracing self-care often. 


The act of taking a seed, watching something grown, and having the ability to eat it will always be amazing. I’m sure I will always have a garden. I am already planning to dive into hydroponic gardening so I can garden all year long. 

Mobile App Development

Earlier this year, I enrolled in a computer programming class. I admit that upon my registration, I knew that this subject matter was NOT in my wheelhouse. However, I gave it a try. I absolutely HATED it, and I could care less about the ins and outs of app development. With that said, I never ventured from my goals of app development. I just realized I had to change my tactics in accomplishing my goals. I recognized early into the computer programming coursework that it was not an effective use of my time to struggle [and I mean STRUGGLE] through learning something that was so far outside of my intelligence level. So, this week I hired a mobile app developer. I will let you know how I make out in my next update.

Real Estate

My father was gangsta as hell because he bought properties during the end of the redlining era. I never fully understood how amazing that was until he passed, and I looked at the property deeds. 

My father spent his entire life grabbing properties. Early on, he would do all repairs himself because he was talented enough to do so. However, as he got older, the properties fell into disrepair. He always hoped he would get his energy back to make the repairs needed to get the properties in good condition once again. 

Before my dad got sick, we strategize about how to get the properties renovated and rented out. There was one property in particular that my father felt passionate about getting fixed up. He talked about this property on his death bed. It was then that he told me he felt as if he had run out of time. I started renovating that property a few weeks ago. He would be so proud. Multiple people told me to sell. That’s NOT who I am. So, I am moving ahead with renovations. It is stressful but exciting to see it come together. I will write and post pictures soon. 


We met in February while Covid was raging. I’d paid for memberships and was browsing on three dating apps. We were in Pre-BAE status for a LONG time because, honestly, it felt so right that it was a little scary. In the past most relationships didn’t fit. This one is different.

Covid allowed us to really get to know one another without any physical contact. Neither of us was willing to risk our lives and that of our family to meet in person. We both agreed that we would get vaccinated before finally meeting. We texted, talked, and video chatted for months. Then we got vaccinated and met in person in June after we both got our Covid shots. It was just as magical as all of our conversations and video meetings. It just felt right, and now we are in full-blown boo ‘d-up status. I may or may not keep you nosey folks up on what’s happening. Whatever, mind your business. 😁 😁 😁

In Closing

All of these moves I’ve made six months after my sessions have been positively impacted by my fifteen months of therapy. I don’t know that I would have had the fortitude to move as I am moving now through life had I not unraveled my shit. So I say again, unravel your shit because it is cathartic, and it will set your entire life free. 

Now, you go out there and embrace freedom from all the things stopping you from getting all that happiness waiting for you.

Until next time… 

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