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The Dream, 6 months of Grief, 6 Weeks of Therapy and the Clarity That Followed

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Photo by Marcos Schatz on Reshot

Photo by Marcos Schatz on Reshot

I was never one to 100% buy into dreams and their significance, although I read a dream book or two in my lifetime. I would consult a dream book more out of fun than anything. While growing up, my grandmother would place significance on dreams. I always thought it was kind of BS honestly.

With all that said, I had a dream that made me change my philosophy on the BS opinion of dreams. That is primarily due to the many things that led up to this particular dream. I am now viewing all of those things collectively, to have meaning.

I wrote about my experiences in my six months of grief, six weeks of therapy of how I’d felt as if I was at a real pivotal moment in my progress moving beyond grieving, and the role therapy has played in this. My sixth and very cathartic therapy session took place Monday, and this dream happened Wednesday night of the same week.

This dream that I speak of involves my dad, his passing, and the direction in which I am going. Take a few minutes to watch the video below:

* I planned to make this an Instagram Video but it was too long.

My interpretation of the dream:

🔸There was a delivery man that delivered a package that was fragile glass. The glass demonstrated the state I was in upon the death of my dad.
🔸The room that we walked to in the dream, displayed the room as it was after renovation, not how it was when my dad stayed there when he was alive. That placed us in the present.
🔸In the dream, my father was standing next to my bed, by my side. I believe, from this, he wanted to demonstrate that he is watching over me and by my side.
🔸My father said, ” My daughter’s got this” was a way of letting me know that he had faith in the moves that I am making.
🔸After making the above statement, my father pulled out a lot of hundred dollar bills and then walked away quickly. While he was alive, I never took his money. Leaving the money and walking away in the dream display that what he left was mine, and that it’s no longer about him but about me.
🔸In the end, it was just me and the money. The delivery guy had disappeared, the fragile glass was no longer there, nor was my father.

This dream happened during the same week that my son and I discussed some life-altering plans. We made some hard choices that were right for our lives. Those things would not necessarily be the path that my father would have taken, but the passing of my dad provided us with the opportunity to pursue this path.

My son and I discussed how grateful we were and how life has been altered in a way that we would have never imagine. Ultimately, we decided that we had to live our dreams and not try to follow dad’s dreams. I think this dream with my dad was giving me the approval to walk in my own truth and embrace my dreams. Powerful stuff!

I would love to know your therapy story, follow me on IG, FB, and Twitter. Until next time, Happy Healing!

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