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The Hustle Culture vs Smelling the Flowers

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Photo by Ellie l on Reshot

Photo by Ellie l on Reshot

I never thought I would say this, but I am moving beyond the hustle culture, as of now. I mean, some circumstances could force me to put my hustle hat back on; however, until then, I am going to refrain. I am at the stage in life that enjoying more of it is more important.

I came to this conclusion after watching so many people hustle for their entire lives and dying before they have the opportunity to savor the results of their hustling. I came to a realization recently that I’ve been busy for practically all of my life. I have earned the right to enjoy a lot of life, and I owe it to myself to do so. Also, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling that way.

As black women, we have rarely seen other black women that have NOT been busy. Black women grow up seeing our female relatives in motion and rarely resting. These behaviors have become more prevalent due to the entrepreneurial and hustler culture that is thriving these days.

I am by no stretch, shaming anyone that has to hustle, to make ends meet, it’s something that I had to do. So, I would never knock the hustle. I don’t regret the outcome of my hustle era because had I not hustled, I wouldn’t have been able to walk away from it now.

With that said, I am going to spend the last part of my life dedicating myself to slowing down and smelling the flowers. YES, I will still be focused on securing my bags, but I will be doing so in a much more strategic manner.

My father would tell me when I was younger, ” Work hard now, or work hard later” I’ve worked very hard, so now is later. My father, in many ways, was very instrumental in me looking at my life and reevaluating everything. He changed everything for me. Now I am at a place I can see and appreciate it all. So, it’s now time to smell the flowers.

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