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Therapy Session 12: Walking Into 2020, Like The World is Mine

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Photo by Liz Martin on Reshot

Photo by Liz Martin on Reshot

Session 12 was very relaxed, and light which was good because that was what I needed. We discussed the holidays and picked up a bit where we left off in Session 11.

In the last session, we discussed how I compartmentalize my relationships. We additionally talked about the impactful role of my father in my life. These two things have not intersected much in the past, but they probably will in the future.

All of this led us to the discussion of my future and where I go from here. Life as I knew it is over because so much has happened to change the direction of my existence.

The death of my dad opened a can of worms for me. All of the unboxing that I have been doing since session five or so has been about the aftermath of his death. The result of that working through a lot of childhood issues, narcissistic sibling issues, overbearing ego focused male issues, and their impact. We then looked at that to determine how those things affected my relationships, past, present, and possibly future.

Now that a lot of that stuff is out in the open, and I am moving through all of it, the experience has provided me with a feeling of freedom like I’ve never felt before.

Mostly every session, there are takeaways. These are the things that I have to sit with over the week, think about, and come up with a satisfactory answer. This week I will be sitting with the following questions:

🔸What next, what do you want?
🔸Now that you are at this place, how will you show up in relationships moving forward?
🔸All relationships aren’t transactional. How will you show up for those?
🔸Are you ok with your interpersonal relationships being so compartmentalized?
🔸How do you feel that none of your friends see 100% of who you are?

So, I have a lot to think about until the next session. The good thing about therapy is it allows you to discuss issues of importance, get feedback, unbox it, resolve them, and then put it to rest. These twelve sessions have provided me with an avenue to do all of that and more. Hence, I will go into 2020 with a new perspective on life and ready to tackle practically anything the world throws at me. The world is mine.

I would love to know your thoughts on this session and previous sessions. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter . Until next time, Happy Healing.

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