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Therapy Session 13: Part 1, Progress

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Photo by johnjuiceharris Juice on Reshot

Photo by johnjuiceharris Juice on Reshot

The number thirteen is usually not lucky, but for me, it was today. That’s because we were able to pack so much useful stuff in the hour. The session covered so much I felt as if I was there for longer than an hour. Not only did we cover a lot, but I brought back so much stuff to think about and unpack this week. The session covered so much that I will need to break it up into three parts.

The sessions moving forward will probably focus heavily on relationship building. Areas that will need the most focus are areas that were impacted by my childhood in the areas of familial, platonic, and romantic relationships.

In the twelve sessions leading up to this one, we discussed my past platonic and romantic relationships. We additionally talked about how I needed to step out of my comfort zone more, open myself to deepening current relationships, and develop new connections.

My focus has been a bit on setting boundaries and removing people from my life that I do not align with, in particular. Eliminating folks has always been something that I’ve done, but after my father passed, I knew I would move away from this estranged side of the family because my father was the only common thread that held me to them.

So, I’ve reconnected to old friends, am in the process of deepening current connections, and am actively placing myself in positions to meet new connections in a variety of ways. The goal is to become more present in my life, think about things exclusively for my enjoyment, and ultimately enjoy more life.

“Sit with your progress, Anais. I hope you realize, all of this is GREAT progress.”

Keep an eye out for Part 2 and Part 3!

I would love to know your thoughts on this session and previous sessions. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter . Until next time, Happy Healing.

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