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Therapy Session 31: Healing, Growing and Embracing the New Anais

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Photo by Musiena • on Reshot

Photo by Musiena • on Reshot

Therapy is a lot different than I believe most think. It is really about participating in the sessions, but it is also about taking what you’ve learned during those sessions to make real actionable change. I think due to my willingness to put in the work after the hour therapy session is over, has allowed me to make pretty good progress. So much so that I have been healing, growing, and moving into being a much more well adjusted rounded person.

When I initially started sessions, after dealing with the grief of my father, I wanted to tackle issues related to the childhood abandonment of my mother. It has been something that I believe impacted all of my early years and some aspects of my adulthood. I felt that it was always affecting my life and casting a shadow over me. So I knew that going to therapy could help me address this and resolve my feelings around this issue.

I think around Mother’s Day and the First Anniversary of my Father’s death, I had an epiphany. That was due to all of the work I’d done in therapy and unpacking. The results of all of that place me in a great place mentally.

“Adult Anais is NOT child Anais. Those scenarios that happened impacted your past, and can no longer impact your present, or future unless you allow them to.”

That phrase is forever in my mind, and when I think about something that pertains to where I need to be in my present or where I need to go in the future. That phrase helped me resolve my issues with “Child Anais” and how she views the abandonment. “Adult Anais” has so much NEW and exciting life, to embrace. The abandonment views of “Child Anais” has no place or relevance to where I want to go in the future. So for the first time, I can look at that part of my childhood in my rearview mirror.

That kind of healing and growth is huge and is what successful therapy is all about. For the first time in my life, I feel at peace with that part of my childhood. This peacefulness will allow me to move toward living a lot more life with a freedom that I’d previously never experienced.

I am looking forward to embracing way more experiences, living more life, and loving more people.

I would love to know your thoughts on this session, therapy in general, and more about your journey in getting better in touch with who you are through therapy. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter. Until then, Happy Healing.

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