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Therapy Session 34: Center Yourself and Balance Your Chakras

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Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Between coming off a very busy week, and this therapy session, both had me donning my domestic goddess hat, vacuuming, and cooking. After this hour, I found that I really needed to gather myself and my thoughts. It wasn’t that it was emotionally tough as previous sessions that had me cooking like I was on The Food Network. This session was different than the past hours that were especially intense. It was more of a session that had me looking at my behaviors and becoming aware of triggers as a result of my past, that I wasn’t necessarily aware of until my therapist pointed them out.

In week 33, we covered platonic and romantic relationships, expanding my circles and me stepping out of my comfort zone. Well, last week, during my therapy week break, my life took a turn, which threw me headfirst out of my comfort zone. Due to this, I realized that everything about my life was no longer the norm, and that absolutely everything was different. At one time, everything was different about my life except my job. Now due to an increase in work involvement, that has changed as well. So, now I find that my entire life is operating outside of what was once my comfort zone. I think I was holding on to that last little piece of my norm of the past, like a security blanket, and last week it was ripped away.

Due to all of this, I woke up today a bit off and not my usual self. I thought I was just tired due to some early morning meetings, but it was more than that. It was an accumulation of how different everything has been and how it has me feeling a bit ungrounded with all of the newness.

In addition to ALL of that, I “kinda sorta” threw myself out there to meet more people. That has been one of my goals, and although 2020 has been trash, I still felt like I can’t allow the dumpster fire of this trash ass year to rob me of the goals I’d set for myself. So as I tossed myself to the wind, I got a strong reaction, and I was quite taken aback honestly. So I’m not going to lie, I was clutching my pearls for a minute. Actually, it was more like clutching my pearls for thousands of minutes, or days, as it were.

“Lean into your discomfort Anais. When something is uncomfortable for you, you tend to retreat.”

Of course, I clutched the pearls tighter as my brain rejected this statement. My brain’s rejection of this is what was responsible for me having to gather my thoughts, which manifested into my two hours of domestic goddess duties. The end result of said domestic goddess duties was rugs that smell like island mist and sun-dried apricot bbq turkey bowls with ginger garlic shallots, sweet peppers and carrots, broccoli, and jasmine rice. My son was happy I was thrown in my feels by this session.

Although my first response was to reject everything my therapist said, I am never one to stay in that place because that would defeat the purpose of taking sessions. Of course, the therapist was spot on because she always is. So I was then forced to give thought to her assessment.

“With everything in your life being so different, how are you staying grounded?”

Being grounded in the Root Chakra area has always been a challenge to a degree, but that was a different aspect of not being grounded. That is due to changes I’ve made versus changes that I grew up living through based on familial relationships, which were out of my control.

“The Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra should be your areas of focus.”

The focus on the Root Chakra now versus the past is more focused on allowing me to get grounded due to the vast amount of changes that have happened in my life recently. The newness of everything is similar to a new plant with new roots that are not accustomed to new soil. Focusing my life and these changes on the Root Chakra could help that along.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with feelings, emotions, intimacy, sensuality, and beginnings and endings. The Sacral Chakra took a back seat in the past. That’s because I was focused on the Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra; However, due to the focus I’ve been placing on building healthier platonic and romantic relationships, it’s a natural progression that I would also need to focus on this area as well.

This session allowed me to move toward taking some of the things I learned in therapy to implementing them in an actionable way in real-time in my life. That allows me to look at where I started and compare it to where I am now in my life using what therapy has helped me tap into about myself.

I’ve said so often, therapy is as much about the session, as it is about the work after the hour is over that you use to unravel what you’ve learned during that time you spent. So, I am sure there will be a lot to unravel during my off week of therapy. I will be spending that time, leaning in, balancing my chakras, and continuing to unravel this thought-provoking session.

I would love to know your thoughts on chakras, this session, therapy in general, and more about your journey in getting better in touch with who you are through therapy. Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter. Until then, Happy Healing.

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