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Therapy Session 4: Whew..

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Photo by Natalia Almeida on Reshot

Photo by Natalia Almeida on Reshot

I do not have a poker face, so everything I’m thinking is written on my face. At one point during the session, the therapist told me to take a deep breath, then take three. That is an indication of how the therapy session went.

Leading up to the session, I thought a lot about self-care, which was the focus of last week’s session. Although I need to do better, there are things I do for myself that is self-care. I confirmed this with the therapist as right before we jumped into the discussion of the day. So, last week’s session gave me some things to work on leading up to this week’s hour, and that was good.

This week’s session caused a lot of writing by the therapist, and a lot of shit got real moments for me. That’s because the unraveling started, and boy did I feel like I was being kicked in the ribs. The session was over 3 hours ago, and I still feel like I am actively getting kicked in the ribs.

I knew the unraveling would have to start with my childhood, so I was somewhat prepared, but NOT really. With that said, I don’t know that there’s anything that could fully prepare me for unraveling childhood. That is due to the complexities of my childhood.

My takeaways:

🔸 My childhood impacted way more of my adulthood than I originally thought.
🔸I am on the right track with self-care, and I should do more for me.
🔸All of this is going to be hard, but worth it.

This week I will continue to think of ways to indulge in more self-care. I will also give thought to how much of my adulthood I think, was impacted by my complex childhood.


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