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Therapy Session 6: The Path of Unraveling Continues

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Photo by Patrick Hardy on Reshot

Photo by Patrick Hardy on Reshot

This session was similar to Session 4, and it was tough. That’s because it involved starting to unravel a lot of childhood stuff. I know opening the door to all of these things allows the healing to begin. That is, after all, why I am there. BUT damn is it tough to open the door to all of this stuff, analyze it then get feedback from the therapist.

She is straight, no chaser, but it makes you feel raw once it’s over. So much so that it is very tough to even get through this post. All of this is making me dig deep, search my soul, feel, and discuss my feelings. That is something I am very unaccustomed to doing in general and especially after dredging up childhood.

These sessions have made me look at my childhood a lot differently than I had in the past. They have made me see things from a much different perspective. I have hopes that all of this will allow me to understand myself better and open some doors to things that I may have been closed off to in the past.

Additionally, the sessions have validated some of the things I’ve done to distance myself from those that impacted my childhood with toxicity, as the right thing to do. A lot of the toxicity that was a part of my childhood impacted who I’ve become as an adult, so continuing to distance myself from it is only beneficial to healing from that trauma. You will never heal if you stay in the atmosphere that caused the trauma. Growth and healing only come AFTER you remove yourself from situations that have harmed you.

As I continue to soul search, learn more, and feel more, I look forward to gaining clarity and moving toward putting those things behind me. I think doing this will ultimately allow me to embrace life in a way that has escaped me in the past. I think it will allow me to open myself to more happiness, more love, more connections, and more people.

My takeaways this week:

🔸I need to explore and do things that make me happy.
🔸I need to continue to distance myself from narcissists, harmful people, and reminders of the toxic, traumatic parts of my childhood.
🔸I need to continue to unravel, things in the past, to set me free to embrace the future happiness that I am deserving of.
🔸I need to continue to surround myself with people that understand, love and those THAT SEE ME.
🔸I need to continue on the path of healthy healing.

In the week ahead, I will think about all of the things above. I will additionally think about how having a narcissistic sibling impacted me and how the death of my dad allowed me to finally be 100% free from their impact for the first time in my life.

This session was emotionally draining, extremely difficult, and quite frankly, exhausting. Although the session was tough, I feel good to be unraveling all the things that may have hindered some happiness in the past. I look forward to continuing to tackle more issues that will bring me that much closer to freedom from the past so I can embrace much more happiness in the future.

I would love to know about your healing therapy journey. Check me out on IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Until then, Happy Healing!

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