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Therapy Session 8: Your Aura Has Changed

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Photo by Arina Sorokina on Reshot

Photo by Arina Sorokina on Reshot

I have been speaking quite freely about my therapy sessions throughout this entire process. The goal is to normalize therapy and for BLACK PEOPLE to think of it as self-care.

I look forward to my sessions because they allow me an opportunity to have an unfiltered conversation with a black woman who is also a therapist. Speaking to a therapist is different than speaking with your friends. Therapists listen with a professional ear and provide an unbiased opinion. They additionally challenge you to think in a different way and explore a contrasting perspective.

My therapist is a SISTA in every sense of the word, so there is that commonality. Since I just completed the 8th session today, there’s a comfort level there for me. So, I can speak very freely.

Today’s session was not specifically about the death of my father but about issues that presented as a result of his death. The thing about death and grieving is, you deal with the aftermath.

“Your Aura has changed” was the statement. I wanted to press the issue about her perception of aura. I wanted to see if we had the same definition. However, she quickly moved on, stating how she feels we have made lots of progress and how my newfound clarity was evident.

After that, we dove into my past romantic relationships and I realized that there is a pattern to “my type.” That pattern was very much influenced by the male influences I had as a child. Father, uncles, and sibling and their behaviors led me in my path when selecting a partner.

She asked what my plans were for romantic partners in the future. I tossed a few ideas at her before we closed the session on a very positive and high note.

I cannot stress how great therapy has been for me. It has brought me a type of clarity that I have never known. I have never been in such a mentally healthy space, ever in life. It feels good.

I pride myself on being healthy, eating foods that are good for my body, and avoiding things that are bad for me. I made the right education and career moves. I also made great investment moves. I have a very well adjusted male child that is an exceptional human being. So I feel like I’ve been on the right path through life.

Therapy has been one of the greatest things I’ve done. It is right up there with motherhood, eliminated bad foods, investing in myself with higher education, a great career, and real estate investments. Therefore I am a huge advocate and I want everyone to feel as good as I feel.

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