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Therapy Session 9: Breaking Free of a Seventy Year Old Generational Curse

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Photo by cameron on Reshot

Photo by cameron on Reshot

I mentioned in Therapy Session 8 that this therapy process had been one of the best things that I’d ever done. It has been right up there with higher education, having my son, giving up red meat, and investing in real estate.

The one thing about therapy is that it is a great thing. However, sometimes, the sessions can leave you feeling very unsettled. This session was one of those that left me feeling emotionally drained.

This session started with covering a personal family issue that happened at the end of the hour last week. So we picked up with the divide that has been in my family for almost two decades. It is most unfortunate because the basis of this divide always appeared to be nonsense that had been blown out of proportion. Either way, I decided that I would not partake in such foolishness, then and now, and my feelings stand.

After telling my therapist about the issues which I will always feel was based on nonsense, she opened my mind to view the entire situation differently. Therapy always opens my eyes to see things from a totally different perspective.

The issue that has been plaguing the family was not really about trivial nonsense, but it was more about things that went beyond me or any of the younger generation, involved in the foolishness that snowballed unnecessarily.

It seems that the foundation of the issues had been passed down from choices made by previous generations. These issues caused some folks to align with each other and against others. Four generations later, it is still negatively impacting the family to the degree that it is probably beyond ever being salvaged even if anyone was inclined to do so. Sadly, most of the family in which this dysfunction started with, is dead, or very old.

When my father was alive, he always felt these familial relationships were salvageable, but I never did. Upon the death of my father, I decided that I would carry on with my life minus the nonsense over what I then viewed as trivial things, and consequent toxicity, that has prevailed for almost two decades.

After this session, I can walk away knowing that NONE of this family dysfunction had anything to do with me or my son, who felt as if the entire family hated him. Instead, this was a result of decisions made over seventy years ago.

My Takeaway:

With all of that said, If folks want to continue to be mad, I am giving out capes, they can be SUPER MAD.

I pronounce myself, and my son free of this cycle of dysfunction. We will dedicate our lives to living in our truth, loving people who love us, and free of this seventy year old generational curse.


I would love to know how you deal with generational curse. Check me out on FBIG, and Twitter to let me know! Until then, Happy Healing!

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