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Therapy Session Reflections #3 – Unpacking Week 31, Sitting With NEW Feelings And Embracing NEW Experiences

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Photo by Josh on Reshot

Photo by Josh on Reshot

I am currently moving toward my 32nd week of therapy and second session of attending bi-weekly meetings with my therapist. I am still getting a feel for this flow, but I think it’s been good. That’s because it gives me almost a full two weeks before the next session. That time allows me to sit with a lot of what we covered in the meetings. I can then use my unpacking weeks to uncover, process, and make the takeaway of the sessions actionable. 


There are a lot of very personal things that I cover in therapy, and I often decide what would be of most value to share here. So, some of those discussions, I don’t share because ya’ll can’t be ALL up in a sistas’ business like that and stuff. 🥴😤😂


Last week, we covered Healing, Growing, and Embracing the New Anais. That was a very personal session because it covered how much I had grown and how I will be able to move forward based on that growth. The work that led to this was monumental because it allowed me to move past a hurdle that I’d been dealing with my entire life. Those issues profoundly impacted my childhood and adulthood. That work led me to focus ONLY on “Adult Anais” not, “Child Anais.” Those things were some childhood trauma issues that I felt were hindering me. “Adult Anais” and “Child Anais” help me differentiate what is the past and what is present when triggered or faced with something that taps into those childhood traumatic events. 

Moving past these things was life-altering, and it was the final piece of the puzzle that moves me closer to living the life that I should be living. That life is unencumbered by the past in any way and is only focused on my present and future. I needed to move past the “Child Anais” thing and the expectations of anyone besides myself, my wants, needs, and desires. Last week was the point in which I was able to fully release all of this, and that allows me to move forward with ease in life that I’ve never experienced before. 

All of this is so freeing, and it will allow me to venture into areas of uncharted waters. That will involve continuing to move out of my comfort zone, embrace new experiences, and realize the life that I should be living. 


Embracing the new Anais, moving past my old self has been an evolving and gradual process so much so that small incremental changes had been happening even before my big breakthrough last week. 

This plague has tested me, and I did well in retrospect, even if I was unaware that I was being tried. While quarantined, I have had so much time to sit with the things learned in therapy, and I thought about how different things would have been just last year before I started taking sessions. I probably would not have handled the quarantine as well. 

As a result of really getting in touch with myself more, I have been able to take this time to stretch myself in areas that were once beyond my comfort zone. That involves connecting with more people to embrace more experiences, add new members to my tribe, and essentially live more life. As an introvert, that is HUGE for me. Discussion in therapy allowed me to feel comfortable enough with myself to jump into areas that I am very unfamiliar with to live more life and do so on my terms. 

Living on my own terms without outside influences is, at my age, very new, and I really love how this feels. All of this is possible due to the newfound ability to put a lot of stuff in the past that belongs there. Had I not dealt with all of this, sitting with that through this quarantine would have been challenging.  

So many people are experiencing untold challenges during this quarantine due to having to sit with their unresolved issues and baggage. I am blessed that I’m not one of them, but I am aware that things could have been very different had I not started therapy when I did. When I tell you that therapy is life-altering, believe me. 


Next week’s session will involve some of the things that were my struggles, wins and/ or challenges:

🔸 This weeks’ self-evaluation and epiphany about how much therapy has unraveled.

🔸 How to process the uprising we are experiencing in the world.

I would love to know your thoughts on putting therapy session lessons to work in everyday situations. How are you taking what you’ve learned in therapy and applying them to your life in real-time? Reach out, let’s chat on FBIG, and Twitter. Until then, Happy Healing and Happy Unpacking.

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