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Therapy Sessions 1 – 27: A Whole NEW World and It’s About ME

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Photo by NaRen Tip on Reshot

Photo by NaRen Tip on Reshot

I had no plans to write about where I was when I initially walked into my therapists’ office. I just thought of where I was then, versus where I am now as just progress. Surprisingly, this is one time that I had no plans on overthinking things. HA, that didn’t last long.

Last night I wrote some thoughts in my journal, meditated for about 15 minutes, and went to sleep. The journal notes consisted of about twenty or so words, and that’s it. Upon waking, these words continue to float through my mind all day to the point of distraction. All-day, I was distracted by the short phrases I’d noted in my journal.

I decided to create a vision board with the words. Once I started arranging them, I realized the importance of them. The short phrases summed up ALL of the things that have changed in my life since last year and when I started therapy.

In the earlier sessions, my therapist would ask me about self-care and what I was doing exclusively for myself. I never had an answer because I wasn’t doing anything for me, and I hadn’t been for most of my adult life. I’m pretty sure I gave her the dumbest look ever because I don’t have a poker face. I remember not even knowing where to begin in focusing exclusively on myself. That’s because I’d been doing so much for everyone else for my entire life.

Therapy has allowed me to unlearn behaviors that had me overly focused on everything and everyone else while essentially neglecting my own needs. I was doing this without even being fully aware of it. Therapy allows you to see things that you cannot truly see without help, and that’s pretty amazing and quite life-altering.

The vision board visually displays just how far I’ve come in my focus on myself. I didn’t realize it as I was building it that A LOT of my progress revolved around and was a result of therapy. Had I not gone, I would probably be in this spiral of trying to fill a void of caring for others and not focusing on myself.

The above vision board is a visual display of my growth since session one. I was always focused on my friends, music and organic food. However, most of the rest of the board was due to being prompted to get back in touch with things I loved, generally enjoy more of what life has to offer and step out of my comfort zone a LOT more. I look forward to creating a new vision board every few months to visually display my progress in these sessions and in life. It’s a whole new world.

You know how people say, God is Good ALL the time? Well, Therapy is GOOD, ALL THE TIME.

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