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Three Months After My Last Therapy Session, This is What I’ve Been Up

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Photo by nappy from Pexels

Photo by nappy from Pexels

In a way, it feels like just yesterday when I would attend my weekly and then biweekly sessions. It also feels like a lifetime ago, and that’s primarily because so much has happened since then. So much good stuff and no bad stuff has happened in the months after wrapping up my last session in January. 

So an update:

Selfcare: This has become more important than ever. I am still eating right, and I exercise every day. I love my subscription to Imperfect Foods because it allows me to continue to stay home while having great quality foods delivered weekly. I am exercising daily, even though I’m not a fan. Those Covid pounds are serious, and I am not sure if I will fit my jeans again. So, exercise it is. I am still making my body washes, Shea butter, and making soy candles.

Gardening: Has become a way for me to balance my root chakra. I will probably always garden from now on because it brings me so much joy. I grew vegetables all winter, and I am preparing to expand my gardening efforts compared to last spring. This season, it’s family gardening as my family has grown. 

Computer Programming: SUCKED so much, and I absolutely hated it. So I conveniently disregarded the work telling myself that I may circle back to it. I won’t because I decided that it’s just not an effective use of my time. There was a problem I had to solve which the teaching assistant used llamas to draw a correlation. Effing Lamas, I was like Harriett, I’m out. Also, I’d much rather be doing something else than getting my mind around zeros and ones explained through llamas. A friggin llama for christ-sake. I just honestly didn’t care. So, I will be hiring someone to build ALL of my app ideas, BECAUSE I can. If you know someone who can do this, have them contact me. 

Creativity: At one time, I was heavily into painting and drawing. I thought I would circle back to it because I felt a need to do something creative. Well, I found that in an outlet by way of graphic design. I absolutely LOVE it. Honestly, that is a much more effective use of my time, and I enjoy it so much more than I could the zeros and ones of computer programming. “No shade” to programmers, but they have a brilliance that I just don’t have or even care to develop. As my dad would say, “You can’t be good at everything. So stay in your lane.”

Hood Medicine: This is a nonprofit that has really allowed me to tap into those graphic design skills. Hood Medicine was founded to uplift the lives of marginalized communities. I am Marketing Director for the org and I do the graphics. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Real Estate: It’s absolutely the best time in the world to own properties. I am finally in a position to realize my dreams of making this equity work in my favor. So, I’m closer to realizing a plan I put forth months ago. That involved moving toward being debt-free. I am just weeks away.

Work: I recognize every day what a blessing it is to be employed in general. I specifically wake up feeling blessed that I am working at a company that I truly LOVE. I had to kiss a lot of employment frogs to land my prince of a job. 

Coronavirus: I am still staying inside. Although I am a bit of a homebody, the isolation is beginning to annoy me. That’s because clowns are still out here clowning. I guess the death rate of 2.84 million people worldwide is not enough to convince the masses that this is not a hoax. Either that or they don’t care about their lives or the lives of everyone around them. Just today, I noticed naked face breathers spitting and snotting Covid particles out into the universe, with little regard to anyone. 

Relationship: YES, I found a Covid Bae. We are in Pre-Bae status due to Covid, but it looks extremely promising. I may or may not keep you nosey folks abreast of the progress. I haven’t told many of my friends yet because I don’t want to jinx it. So promise not to tell them. 

Life: So I will say, the past three months have been spent doing things I love with people I enjoy. Therapy put me in a position to be open enough to embrace all of that. So, I say again, fix your shit because it will set you free. 

Now, you go out there and embrace freedom from all the things stopping you from getting all that happiness waiting for you. 

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