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Three Reasons I changed My Mind About Taking The Coronavirus Vaccine

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Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

I have been extremely vocal about my leeriness of the medical industry in general and the Covid-19 vaccine. My wariness is not unwarranted. That’s because most Black people have experienced disparities in the healthcare industry in the past present, and I anticipate we will continue to do so in the future as well. With ALL of that said, I think I will take my chances with the vaccine.

I started writing this post before I found out one of my friends had Covid. I am so upset because I KNOW she did what she could to prevent it. Yet, now here she is, struggling with this virus. Her entire family has it, but I think she is not doing as well as her other family members. Listening to her talk about her Covid struggles reinforced WHY I will get the vaccine. With that said, I’m still about to rant about folks that HAVE not done everything possible to stop the spread by wearing a mask, social distancing, and not gathering. Had others done these simple things, my friend and so many others might not be dealing with this.

In addition to the above reason, I changed my mind after knowing people that have been willfully ignorant about this virus. I have never been one to be dependent upon others for anything. That’s primarily due to how undependable people are and have been in my past. I know I went to therapy and all, and I shouldn’t judge folks based on my past. However, in this case, I am going to keep this same energy and not risk my life on the chance that folks just might do what’s right.
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I quarantined in my home since March. I wore my mask and kept my circles very small. I even mostly stayed six feet away from those that live inside my own home. I’ve done everything right, there are many others who have as well. However, there are so many people that have not exercised the same level of responsibility. These are the folks that believe this virus is a hoax, they are not trusting the science, wearing masks or social distancing. They are clubbing, traveling and gathering as if we are not living during a pandemic. I don’t mind if folks are irresponsible if they are the only ones impacted by their behavior. I, additionally, don’t care unless their behavior puts my life in jeopardy.

What I’ve discovered during this pandemic is there are extremely stupid, extraordinarily irresponsible, and fundamentally selfish people in this world. People are emotionally stunted and lack the capacity to sit their asses still. They don’t treat their bodies with respect; therefore, they aren’t capable of treating yours any differently. Further, they don’t value their own lives, so they will never view yours of importance either. Finally, these people believe themselves smarter than scientists, because they actively question the science. All of that circles us back to my first point that people are extremely stupid.

Therefore I am going to do the following:

🔸 I am going to trust the science. I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few Facebook Live’s with Hood Medicine. They have scientists that have explained how this virus works, and honestly, it is effing scary. Listening to the scientist at Hood Medicine was primarily WHY I changed my mind about taking the vaccine.

🔸 I am going to place ZERO faith in humanity by believing them capable of being logical, sensible, and smart. People are extraordinarily selfish, self-serving and have demonstrated that they lack the capacity to be concerned about anything beyond their own immediate pleasure.

🔸 I am going to protect my family from the selfish and self-serving demographic of this country who showed us their natural-born triflin’ asses for all of 2020 by refusing to do what the science dictated.

So, when it’s time for my demographic to get the vaccine, I will be rolling up my sleeve. By this time, a lot of the side effects will have materialized and I believe I’ll be safe.

I would love to know your thoughts on the vaccine and if you plan to get it when it’s available. Remember to check me out on FBIGYouTube and Twitter

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