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Toxic Relationships – Let the Universe MOVE Them

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Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

As people, we tend to want to hold on to people, even when they are acting STANK. Yes, I said what I said. Then we wonder why things are not going our way, why these folks refuse to do right, and all kinds of other stuff regarding this WRONG person. Sometimes folks are not the right person for us. We see the red flags and ignore our intuition to walk away. When getting cues that this person is wrong, listen. It is not that complicated if you think about it for a bit.

I think we meet people at times in our lives when we need to gain some knowledge or learn a lesson from them, and that’s it. Once we acquire this information, I think the universe tries to move those people along, but we sometimes resist. That can leave us fighting for our lives in those relationships. Contrary to what we’ve heard, partnering with someone should not be complex. It’s hard because these folks are NOT your person. PERIOD.

You all have been on my journey with my ex, that had NPD [Narcissistic Personality Disorder] traits. I honestly DID not resist the universe too long when I factor in actual time. However, the universe sent me a message through a dream from my ancestor. My grandmother came to me and said, “Get a new person.” They then immediately walked away as if it wasn’t up for discussion. I walked away a few hours later. I did it because I KNEW it was time and that relationship was no longer serving me.

That relationship was the first I had since going to therapy. It was the “rollout” of the new me, and I planned to give 100%. I honored that and was open with communication, attentiveness, and dedication to being loving. None of that was reciprocated. Instead, my actions were viewed as a sign of weakness where the person tried to control and manipulate me as folks with NPD do. Although it was unfortunate, I have no regrets about HOW I showed up in that relationship. When it was time for that relationship to be over, the universe moved that person out of my way. I did not resist.

The universe moved them because they were not the right person to be on the next part of my journey with me. I look back on it and realize I would not be in the space I am right now had I now allowed the universe to move them. I have so amazing things unfolding in my life, and that was due to planning, putting things in place, AND having the time to implement these plans. The ability to move forward and put in this work to make the progress that I’ve made would not have happened had I still been in that relationship. So essentially, the relationship was hindering my progress even though I didn’t realize it while I was in it.

So, if you are getting vibes to move on from a situation, allow the universe to move those people. They are NOT supposed to be a part of the next leg of your journey.

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