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Why Are You Going to Therapy?

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Photo by Victoria Dupont on Reshot

Photo by Victoria Dupont on Reshot

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and the question was, “Why are you going to therapy?” You seem perfectly fine. You have friends and family that care about you. You are educated, and you are thriving in your career. I don’t get it?

Yes, to all of the points, but taking care of every aspect of my life is my goal and not just those areas. So, if there are ways that I can improve upon myself and get in better touch with who I am, why wouldn’t I do that?

I was motivated to go to therapy by the death of my father. It was more than just him dying. It was watching him suffer and then die as his primary caregiver. That leaves an impact on you more than you could ever imagine. So it was watching the death process unfold and the grief that followed that prompted me to help my healing process along.

Another aspect of that was, my dad was my person. He was who I went to when I needed to talk, an ear to listen and/or another opinion. He was no longer here, so my go-to person to talk was dead, and that hit me even harder.

Additionally, beyond the grieving, death tends to kick up unresolved issues. So, instead of trying to deal effectively with something that was way outside of my scope of knowledge, I decided to speak to a therapist about the grief and all that was connected to that.

Yes, I could talk to my friends. Yes, I could deal with it the best way I can. Yes, I could just suck it up and cope. However, why should I when there are people available that are trained in this area that I could talk to about it? As people, we are just not qualified to handle things that we were not trained to handle. So, I am leaving it ALL to the professionals, and I am very happy that I decided to do so. This is a part of my self care.

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